Tommy Tang’s Easy Thai Cooking

Tommy Tang’s Easy Thai Cooking
Chef and restaurateur Tommy Tang returns to public television with this new travel/culture series. In each episode, Tommy uncovers Thai history and cuisine, the health secrets of exotic spices, and the country’s cultural treasures and contemporary trends.
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Thai-Style Lamb Rib Chops
Trim any fat from rack. Slice between each bone of rack to make about 18 chops. In bowl, mix chops with fish sauce, ginger and pepper. One at a time, dip meat of each chop into flour. Meanwhile, in serving bowl, stir together sugar, lime juice, fish sauce …
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Tom Kha Gai: A Nourishing Thai Broth-Based Soup
He says that food wasn’t even the intention of his trip, but he couldn’t help falling in love with it — especially Thai soups. Years later, when Craig become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, he saw those amazing soups with a new understanding… They …


Hyatt cooking contest finds young talented chefs

Hyatt cooking contest finds young talented chefs
Park Hyatt Busan’s Damien Selme won the contest in Korea By Kim Se-jeong At the Grand Hyatt Seoul’s Grand Ballroom on Sept. 1, five chefs were busy peeling pumpkins and slicing mushrooms and pork before frying and boiling them at makeshift cooking …

Time Machine Chefs
Time Machine Chefs, a competitive cooking show on ABC. Still from Time Machine Chefs by Ron Tom/ABC. Given the low expectations engendered by its high-concept title, Time Machine Chefs (ABC, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET) is among the more thoughtful food shows …
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Local chefs included in ‘Best Chefs America’ book
A new book called “Best Chefs America” includes more than 30 Capital Region chefs among the nearly 4,700 chefs profiled in the 386-page coffee-table hardcover. See them after the jump. According to promotional material: Best Chefs America analysts …
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Cajun Cooking: History and Ingredients

Cajun Cooking: History and Ingredients
To really understand the roots of Cajun food today, we must look back to the 16th and 17th centuries when the new Acadian arrivals from France were perplexed at some of the unusual foods at their disposal. The Acadians brought their extraordinary …

Real Cajun Food, From Swamp to City
IN a back room at his elegant restaurant, Herbsaint, the chef Donald Link has a conventional office filled with electronic devices, a photograph of his wife and children and four nondescript black swivel chairs. There’s just one maniacal touch: his sausage …
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Iconic Cajun food company celebrates 60 years
Eula Savoie started a business 60 years ago selling sausages made from a hand-operated meat grinder. Since then, it’s become a regionally known business delivering some of the best of Cajun cuisine to the world. Savoie’s Sausage and Food Products is …
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Cooking camp at Healthy Italia in Madison to create young chefs

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Cooking camp at Healthy Italia in Madison to create young chefs
MADISON – Healthy Italia – La Buona Cucina, a specialty Italian foods retail market and cooking school, will offer a cooking camp for young people 4 through 18 from Monday, June 20, through Thursday, July 21, at the Healthy Italia Cooking School …
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ICYMI: Best Italian Food in Decatur: Do You Agree?
DECATUR, GA — When you’re really hungry, sometimes only a heaping plate of pasta, a basket of bread and a jug of wine will do. Decatur has no shortage of restaurants to choose from, and Italian, or Italian-inspired, restaurants rank among the best.
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Fine Italian Foods
How do I get my business listed? Our directory features more than 18 million business listings from across the entire US. However, if we’re missing your business, just click the button below to request that it be added.
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Nutritionist and chefs see benefits of cooking nutrients out of bones for sipping

cusineNutritionist and chefs see benefits of cooking nutrients out of bones for sipping
It might sound unusual to drink a beverage made from stewing bones, but it’s become popular around the world. New York, London, Vancouver and Sydney are all home to bone broth bars. And last fall, Christine Ruch, chef-owner of Boulder restaurant Fresh …
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Local chefs cook for charity fundraiser
#Chefs Chance Bear, of The Lincklaen House, and Robert Potter, of Owera Vineyards, were among 14 local chefs who were paired with local farmers to create farm-to-table signature dishes during the March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction, a fundraiser to …
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Chris Smith: Clean sweep for Maria Carrillo’s budding chefs
In San Diego last weekend, high school students from up and down the state showed what they can do with a vast array of tools and technology. Among the local teens who competed in the Skills USA state championship were nine from teacher Mary …
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What’s Cooking: Borel’s Cajun and Creole Cookery

cusineWhat’s Cooking: Borel’s Cajun and Creole Cookery
An Indianapolis family that spent years celebrating New Orleans traditions in their home by cooking for family and friends has found success with their own restaurant. Borel’s Cajun and Creole Cookery is located on the Indianapolis north side. It’s …
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At Cajun boucherie in St. Bernard, hands-on feast gives ‘farm-to-table’ new
Knowing your food – where it comes from and how it got to you – is a mantra of the modern culinary ethos. A traditional boucherie gets right to the heart of it, starting with a hog that’s walking around at the start of the day and turned into a Cajun …
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Dixie Poché honors old-time groceries, bakeries with new Cajun Country cookbook
Poché honors these family owned groceries, bakeries and restaurants — many of which still operate today — in her new book, “Classic Eateries of Cajun Country.” The Lafayette travel and corporate writer focuses on 13 parishes in Acadiana plus local …
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A trusty guide to vegetarian cooking

cusineA trusty guide to vegetarian cooking
Those dependable and thorough people at America’s Test Kitchen have a cookbook for vegetarians that will be very useful this summer as the available varieties of fresh vegetables grow. “The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well …
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Activists Urge Indian Politicians To Let Malnourished Kids Eat Eggs, Ditch
But that idea was rejected by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the state’s top elected official, a member of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party and a strict vegetarian. He suggested that milk and bananas be …
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5 Lessons Learned from Switching to a Vegetarian Diet
I do think that my meditation practice had made me more compassionate over time (I had been meditated for 2 years at the time), and I know that it had a HUGE impact on the final decision to switch to a vegetarian diet. It has been a whole year since I …
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