Here Are Ten Of The Best Exotic Cars You Didn’t Know You Could Afford

trendHere Are Ten Of The Best Exotic Cars You Didn’t Know You Could Afford
Do you enjoy swooning over exotic cars, but never seem to have the endless conveyor belt of cash that it takes to own one? Fear not, for I have compiled a list of bona fide exotics that are as affordable as any four wheeled mediocrity machine available today.

Rare, classic and exotic cars to be displayed at GR Auto Gallery show in Kentwood
KENTWOOD, MI — Organizers of a car show this weekend say that you’re not likely to see this many rare, classic and exotic vehicles anywhere else this summer. “Between our inventory and the cars that show up here, it will be a most unique collection …
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Nine cars related to Murphy Village racketeering scheme to be returned, dismissed
The indictment references the Irish Travelers’ “large homes, luxury cars, and expensive jewelry and clothes, which are often acquired through fraud schemes” described as “theft, swindling, and deceptive and fraudulent construction and service work.”
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Boston could soon give restaurants and food trucks a letter grade based on health inspections

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Boston could soon give restaurants and food trucks a letter grade based on health inspections
Boston restaurants and food trucks may soon be asked to display a report card of cleanliness and food safety on their buildings for customers to see. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced Wednesday that he has filed an ordinance to establish a restaurant …
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Ladies, these are the best foods to eat for your overall health
There are certain foods that we should all be eating because they are good for us. And, as women, there are particular food items that help with our unique health issues. Here’s a rundown of what you should include in your diet today. Because our body’s …

CoreLife Eatery bringing healthy fast-casual food to Strongsville (video)
STRONGSVILLE, Ohio — CoreLife Eatery believes Northeast Ohio is ready for clean, healthy food in a fast-casual setting. The company, which started in 2015 and now has three restaurants in New York, opens its first Ohio location Friday at The Commons at …
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Dubai free fridge food campaign could go global

cusineDubai free fridge food campaign could go global
During the Holy Month, more than 100 fridges across the UAE were filled with food and drinks donated by the public to … are planning to spread the cause on a bigger scale in September. Moroccan expat Janine Bensouda, a member of the fridge sharing …
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Moroccan Paradise in Tempe Serves Poutine, Crepes, Gelato — and Moroccan Food
What do you get when you combine Moroccan food, gelato, and poutine? A stomach ache, maybe. But also, the newly opened Moroccan Paradise restaurant in Tempe. Brought to the same strip mall as well-loved Indo-Pak restaurant Curry Corner by an owner who …
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Banyan Tree opens Morocco’s first all-pool villa resort
The highlights, of course, will be the traditional Moroccan delicacies and comforting Mediterranean-inspired seafood dishes, which you can enjoy by the beach or under a traditional tent. In celebration of the opening, Banyan Tree will be offering a choice …


Election Cloud Could Soon Lift for Healthcare ETFs

trendElection Cloud Could Soon Lift for Healthcare ETFs
Another quarter and another superb performance from pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ). For the most part, healthcare ETFs have been performing in-line with the markets. Investors looking to avoid volatility tend to gravitate toward the big …
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Column: Don’t forget healthcare’s human element
Humans are not items on a conveyor belt; therefore we should not be treated as though we are. One of the industries that seems to be most guilty of labeling people as numbers rather than people is the world of healthcare. Personally, I have had the …
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Global Virtual Reality in Healthcare Sector Market 2016: Expert Review, Study, Augmentation, Research and Forecast to 2016-2021
The global Virtual Reality in Healthcare Sector market is witnessing significant developments owing to the implementation of favorable industrial policies. The Virtual Reality in Healthcare Sector market worldwide has been impacted by a number of economic …
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Could you fall in love with robot Sophia?

trendCould you fall in love with robot Sophia?
Humanlike robots may seem creepy, but some roboticists are betting they are the key to unlocking a future in which humans and superintelligent computers coexist, work alongside each other and even develop relationships. Two teams working to develop the …
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Automated Robots for the Factory Floor
Founded seven years ago during a robotics competition at the University of Waterloo, Clearpath has focused primarily on automating the “world’s dullest, dirtiest and deadliest jobs,” first in military and defense. That focus has changed, however …
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Robo-Recycling: Apple’s Liam Robot Is Ready to Take Your iPhone Apart
Before turning to the expected round of product announcements at today’s Apple event, held at the company’s campus in Cupertino, Calif., Apple introduced a technical development that won’t be a product anytime soon: Liam, the recycling robot. Lisa …
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Sushi Could Be the Reason You Got Ghosted

cusineSushi Could Be the Reason You Got Ghosted
So your date/Tinder Tuesday/totally chill hangout last night went well. They laughed at your story about the office biscuit tin and looked genuinely interested in those photos of your sister’s cat. A week later though, and nothing. No followup message …
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Want to get to date No. 2? Go for sushi on date No. 1
If you want a second date, make sure the first date involves sushi. The magical combination of raw fish, wasabi and seaweed increases your odds of getting a second date by 170 percent, according to the annual Singles in America survey of 5,500 …
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Nature’s Storehouse in Canton to host vegetarian sushi workshop
Pictured are Lisa Lazenby, store manager, Danilo Oey-Langen, who is rolling sushi and Tom Langen, Oey-Langen’s father. CANTON — Nature’s Storehouse, 21 Main St., will host a vegetarian sushi workshop on Wednesday, Feb. 10. The cost is $ 5 per person …
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New law could change France’s food system for the better

cusineNew law could change France’s food system for the better
The upper chamber of France’s parliament has passed a law requiring all of the nation’s “collective restaurants” (school cafeterias, hospital cafeterias, senior living communities, prisons and other state institutions) to source at least 40 percent of …
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2 new French restaurants awarded Michelin’s 3 stars
PARIS (AP) — Two of Paris’ ritziest dining establishments received the ultimate consecration Monday when they joined the select list of three-star restaurants in the 2016 Michelin Guide, the little red guide to the great and the good of French gastronomy.
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Five myths about airline food
… passengers can choose from a variety of premium snacks and, in many cases, fresh-food options, including organic steel-cut oatmeal and a harvest-ham baguette with maple spread for breakfast, and a rustic Italian sandwich and French country-style …
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Mi Note 2 could be Xiaomi’s first all-metal smartphone

trendMi Note 2 could be Xiaomi’s first all-metal smartphone
Xiaomi unveiled its first metal smartphone, the Mi 4, in July of last year, but the firm has still yet to manufacture an all-metal smartphone. That might change next year, with a leaked image showing an all-metal Mi Note 2 in the works. The original Mi …
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Apartment Therapy’s Maxwell Ryan shares 5 top design trends
Maxwell Ryan became an “apartment therapist” in 2001 to help clients in New York shape their spaces into comfortable and personal retreats. As he traveled by scooter to various boroughs, he found many people unhappy with their interior lives and …
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Researchers at Brown University are growing disembodied brains for experimentation
The winner for the most Twilight Zone-worthy story of the week goes to Brown University. Why? Well earlier this week, a group of researchers at the university successfully developed a method for manufacturing working, miniature brains. While this …
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9 PGA Tour Golfers Who Could Have Played Other Sports

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9 PGA Tour Golfers Who Could Have Played Other Sports
The PGA Tour is full of golfers who enjoy playing other sports when they’re not preparing for the next major championship or FedEx Cup event. Some, such as Jack Nicklaus, were happy to unwind with their athletic hobbies during their downtime. Others …
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PGA Tour golfer holes out on 71st hole to make next round of playoffs
William McGirt needed something special with just two holes remaining on Monday at the Deutsche Bank Championship. McGirt, as it would turn out, needed play the final two holes in 2 under to make it into the top 70 and the BMW Championship in two …


Early success for PGA Tour of Zim
PROFESSIONAL golf in Zimbabwe is set for a major lift following the early success of the PGA Tour of Zimbabwe, which has been characterised by quality fields and low scores since its inception two months ago. BY DANIEL NHAKANISO. Designed along the …
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NFL teams eventually could go where the people, money are | ProFootballTalk

sportNFL teams eventually could go where the people, money are | ProFootballTalk
The NFL’s stance regarding Los Angeles has pivoted from luxury to necessity for one primary reason: The well of taxpayer money for stadium construction and renovation has gone drier than ever. ….. Its football here on the west coast from 6 am to 8pm !

NFL hires Rod Graves as senior Vice President of football administration
Former Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets general manager Rod Graves just got a major promotion. The NFL has hired Graves to be the senior Vice President of football administration. Now that is a fancy title that doesn’t really spell out what Graves …
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NFL star Morgan Burnett to host local football camp | Clayton News Daily
Morgan Burnett, right, was a standout at North Clayton and Georgia Tech before his NFL days. At left is former Clayton County commission Chairman Eldrin Bell. (File Photo). photo. A flyer for the Morgan Burnett MB42 Football Camp. (Special Photo).