Crockpot Seafood Stew

Crockpot Seafood Stew
I’ve always loved seafood, but ever since coming home from our gulf coast beach vacation I can’t stop wishing we could just stop by the market and pick up the fresh catches of the day. But, since we are in Kansas and the ocean is nowhere in sight, I …

4 Surprising Places You Should Never Buy Seafood From
This is the first installment in Casson Trenor’s monthly column, 4 Oceans, about protecting our fisheries and ocean health through sustainable seafood. In 2009, Americans spent over $ 75 billion on seafood. That’s more than a big pile of cash — it’s a …
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Why Is the FDA Inspecting So Little Imported Seafood?
According to NOAA, we import about 86 percent of the seafood we consume, about half of which comes from from aquaculture. And just because you find it in a gleaming supermarket fish case or on a well-presented restaurant plate doesn’t mean it’s safe to eat.
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