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How to Build a Dance Floor
After reading the title of today’s post you may have thought – I will never need to build a dance floor. I thought the same thing. But you might and when and if you do this post on How to Build a Dance Floor will come in handy. Be sure and Pin it …

Top 10 Dance Movies
If you’re in the mood for a feel-good flick, a dance movie might be just the thing to get your toes tapping and even make your heart skip a beat! Whether you love seeing crazy moves, or just enjoy the romance of it all, there’s something about a dance …
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Dance, Little Sister
Past a McDonald’s, past a check-cashing center, past a textbook rental and across the street from Family Dollar and AutoZone stands the Dollhouse Dance Factory. The West Jackson, Mississippi, studio sits quietly on Ellis Avenue, just off Interstate 20.


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The Dance of Negotiation
Mason Gross School’s Department of Dance will be collecting data about how Muslim women perceive dance. ‘Dance is about being in front of the other. It’s our body that’s seen. For Muslim women, this is a negotiation – it’s their body that shouldn …

Dance classes in Toronto
Dance classes in Toronto keep the city’s passion for music and movement alive. Some of our most cherished events–Pride celebrations, Caribana events, the recent Thomas & Friends Live show where Mayor Rob Ford staged an awkward cameo–involve song and …
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Beyond Dance Etiquette:
People dance socially mostly for the pure joy of it. For the dancing enthusiast, nothing compares to the thrill of moving with grace and harmony to a beautiful piece of music with that wonderful partner of the moment. But anyone who has ever been to a …


New Dance Show ‘Step It Up’ Features Miami Dance School

New Dance Show ‘Step It Up’ Features Miami Dance School
Listen to Traci Young-Byron teach her students a modern dance class. The Young Contemporary Dance Theater sits just on the edge of Miami’s Liberty City neighborhood. Traci Young-Byron, the studio’s owner, said inside this former warehouse turned dance …
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To Dance in Ancient Egypt
Party boats are small craft that cruise out on the Nile, usually for thirty minutes or as long as an hour, carrying typical Egyptians for a bit of cheap entertainment. Music blares loudly, and part of the fun is the spontaneous dancing. Women in modern …

Kenya’s uneasy dance with Bitcoin
The immutability feature within the Blockchain technology is what has powered Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies into high value global fame. It is also the same feature that makes Blockchain technology applicable to many other diverse fields that are …


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Trends2016 National Dance Awards – Announcement of Nominations
The winners will be announced at a lunchtime ceremony to be held in Central London on Monday, 6 th February 2017. Once again the event will also play host to the De Valois Award for Outstanding Achievement and the Dance UK Industry Award, given in memory …

The Most Popular Dance Moves Ever [GIFs]
The “Gangnam Style” horse dance is the latest in a long line of dance moves that have taken the world by storm. Everyone knows how to do the Gangnam Style dance because it’s ridiculously easy to do. Other dance moves, like the Moonwalk or Single Ladies …
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Get Up & Move With Just Dance 2017
Gather your friends and family: the newest installment of the world’s most popular dance game is here! Bust a move and get down with the hottest songs of the year, including new and classic tracks like “Sorry,” by Justin Bieber, “Into You,” by …


Meet Pretty Big, The Dance Troupe That Defies Body-Shamers

trendMeet Pretty Big, The Dance Troupe That Defies Body-Shamers
After booking the Beyonce music videos “Get Me Bodied” and “Green Light”, professional dancer Akira Armstrong should have been on top of the world. But when trying to find more work and representation in Los Angeles, the full-figured performer was …

Ryan Gosling has the most adorable childhood dance videos
In Ryan Gosling’s case, it’s appearing on a Canadian talent show and dancing with MC Hammer trousers. “When we do Crazy, Stupid, Love, I know that we’re gonna do the Dirty Dancing life”, Stone explained. “It was a lot”. “And then it was a meltdown”.
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UK cheerleaders, dance team win big at Orlando competition
LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) — A big congratulations to the University of Kentucky cheerleaders who are bringing home yet another national title to Lexington. The team won their 22nd national championship over the weekend at the Universal Cheerleaders Association …
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Lord of the dance: The Sufi mystic who has got the world whirling

musicLord of the dance: The Sufi mystic who has got the world whirling
you can step into a taxi and the driver will be reciting Rumi lines to himself.” Rumi is a dominant influence in Iranian classical music. Renowned performers such as Shahram Nazeri have forged stellar careers based on his work, and his son Hafez has …
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Alma Deutscher is a classical music child prodigy – but don’t compare her to Mozart
Child’s play: Alma Deutscher wrote her first opera when she was 10 Daniel Hambury/Stella Pictures In her purple flowery dress and pink anorak, Alma Deutscher looks like any other 11-year-old girl playing in the garden with a sparkly skipping rope.
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Presbyterian Church of Stirling holds classical Christmas concert on Dec. 11
LONG HILL TWP. – The First Presbyterian Church of Stirling will present classical pianist Joseph Hauer and cellist Jiafan Shi in an afternoon of classical, seasonal and Christmas music and song at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 11. The performance will be the …
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‘Dance Moms’ Recap: Does Brynn Become an Official Team Member?

trend‘Dance Moms’ Recap: Does Brynn Become an Official Team Member?
When we last left Dance Moms, Abby Lee got angry at Ashlee for (once again) trying to give an ultimatum about Brynn joining the team. Abby stated that these are the reasons why Brynn is constantly on probation — she likes Brynn and thinks Brynn is mega …
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To Dance in Ancient Egypt
Party boats are small craft that cruise out on the Nile, usually for thirty minutes or as long as an hour, carrying typical Egyptians for a bit of cheap entertainment. Music blares loudly, and part of the fun is the spontaneous dancing. Women in modern …

Just Dance Now Is Available… Now!
Thanks to Just Dance Now, you can dance whenever you want, wherever you want, and with anyone you want. With the help of an internet connected screen, you can turn your smartphone into a motion controller. Thanks to our proprietary Ubi Bluestar technology …


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trend39 Of The Country’s Greatest Dancers Explain Why They Dance
Katherine Brooks Senior Arts & Culture Editor, The Huffington Post. “To dance is to be out of yourself,” Agnes de Mille famously proclaimed. “Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.”
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Explainer: what is contemporary dance?
Contemporary dance is a catch-all phrase used fairly indiscriminately, meaning many things to different dance communities across a wide range of cultures. In fact, it’s probably easier to say what contemporary dance is not than what it is. But a good …

Apsara: The Cambodian Dance
“To dance in Angkor is the dream that every girl has when we start to learn Apsara Dance,” confesses Sopha, a student at one of the oldest traditional court dances in Asia. Apsara dancing, a classical style dating back to the Angkorean era, nearly …
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trendDance drama inspired by ancient trade route
“We covered the floor with sand, so the dancing this time is totally different. It makes the dance movements come alive more, but it presented great challenges for the dancers, because the sand became an obstacle to their jumping and rolling. But the …
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Lansing girl selected to dance on stage with Justin Bieber
The Lansing girl who was selected out of thousands to perform a dance number on stage with Justin Bieber describes the experience as “a night she will never forget”. 10-year-old Audrey Ramsey, seen in the blue tank top in video provided by her mother …
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City school students practice dance moves with Ailey pros
More than 30 Baltimore public school students leapt into their dancing dreams Monday during a modern dance master class taught by professionals from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Alvin Ailey dancers Jacqueline Green — also a Baltimore …
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trendSelena Gomez Shares Sexy Dance To ‘Down In The DM’ — Watch Her Sultry Moves Here
Ow ow! Selena Gomez is on FIRE in a steamy Insta vid showcasing her suggestive ‘Down In The DM’ dance. And with erotic lighting and seductive moves like these, we have to wonder — was THIS what she did for Justin Bieber in his dressing room on March …
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East Texas dance company making film about sex trafficking
A Tyler dance studio is taking one of their competition pieces to the next level by turning it into a film in an effort to raise awareness about sex trafficking. They hope to submit it to different film festivals once it’s complete. When Artistic Dance …
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Hard work pays off for Glendale High School dance team
The Glendale High dance team brought home three first-place titles and two second-place ones while competing in the USA Dance Nationals last weekend in Anaheim. For the 17th time, Glendale High students won first place for their co-ed dance …
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