Monster Energy artists dominate 2017 Loudwire Music Awards

Monster Energy artists dominate 2017 Loudwire Music Awards
Last week the Loudwire Music Awards took place honoring some of the finest talent in the heavy metal and rock music genres. Several of Monster Energy’s artists performed at the event with a number of them taking home prestigious awards. Texas thrashers …

How Ross Robinson shaped nu metal
Heavy music’s lyrical content had always preached the message of being all-powerful and being part of metal’s all-encompassing fellowship, but Jonathan wrote about isolation, vulnerability and the trials and tribulations of being an adolescent weirdo.

5 great 2017 metal albums you may have missed
White Ward work in electronics that at various times have elements of glitch, future garage, trip-hop, industrial, and breakbeat, and even their heavy parts aren’t just pulling from traditional black metal … styles of music together and the results …
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Classic Rockers Dominate ‘Richest Bassists’ List

Classic Rockers Dominate ‘Richest Bassists’ List
They hold down the low end, but many of them are living the high life. A new list compiles the Top 10 Richest Bassists in the World, and there are many of our favorites among them. This countdown can be found over at a website fittingly called the Richest.
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Science Proves Bassists Are The Most Important Part Of A Band
How many bass player jokes have you heard (or made) in your lifetime? For the general population, I guess, bass players tend to fade into the background. I mean, it’s gotta be hard to compete with that attractive, energetic singer/guitar player standing …
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The 10 Greatest Rock Bassists of All Time
Last week, Neph Basedow wrote her list of the 11 greatest female rock bass players and she took a little heat for it, including some from me. But, she also got a lot right. At the very least, she highlighted the most under-appreciated musician in rock …
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