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Helen Mirren Yells At Drummers Performing Outside Her Play
Helen Mirren had no patience for a group of street drummers performing outside a London theater where she was starring in The Audience. The British actress emerged from the theater to berate the drummers who were playing loudly outside her show. Still …
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Rain changes Drummers Call schedule
WILLIAMSBURG — Forecasts of rain are affecting Colonial Williamsburg’s Drummers Call Weekend. According a revised schedule Saturday’s Grand March at noon. will proceed barring torrential rain. However, the Grand Review, scheduled for after the march …
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Mirren silences noisy drummers
Liam Emerson of the Batala London drumming group has explained what it was like when Dame Helen Mirren confronted them outside the Gielgud Theatre. The group were doing a performance to promote the As One In The Park Festival in Victoria Park later this month.
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2014 Is Totally the Year of Drummers

2014 Is Totally the Year of Drummers
I have always had a soft spot for drummers. When I go to see bands play live, the person I stare at the most is the one sitting in the back, keeping time. When I meet bands, I typically wind up talking most to the individual holding the sticks. When I …
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Robotic Third Arm Turns Drummers Into Beat Machines
The cymbalism of a three-armed drummer is obvious. Much of the focus on prosthetic limbs is about restoring ability, healing that which is broken or at least returning an injured limb to a semi-functional state. But the same technology that replaces a …
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Indian Street Drummers: Indian Percussion by EarthMoments
EarthMoments has launched Indian Street Drummers, a sample pack featuring ecstatic South Indian ceremonial drumming, raw and primal beats from the gullies of South India – a wildly unconventional bundle now made accessible to producers worldwide.


More Rockin’ Apps For Drummers

More Rockin’ Apps For Drummers
Six years ago the app market was a young tech toddler, clumsily stumbling around the block with chintzy music programs that were borderline useless. A few years later the market grew into its gawky phase, offering valuable musical apps while still feeling …

The 10 Douchiest Drummers of All Time
Rarely does the desire for rehab warrant the title of douchebag. After all, trying to remedy a drug addition is tough enough when you’re a normal person, let alone a rock star from the ’80s (seriously, they don’t even make addicts like that anymore).
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Six neglected drummers who deserve recognition
“Give the drummer some!” James Brown once demanded, but drummers often don’t get enough attention and acclaim. Though singers and lead guitarists are celebrated by the hundreds in rock annals, drummers are often turned into punch lines (‘How do you …
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In Istanbul, drummers keep ancient Ramadan tradition alive
ISTANBUL (AP) – In the dark of night, when the streets of Istanbul enjoy a rare moment of quiet, Ali Buldu sets out beating his drum to wake up his neighborhood. For most, Buldu’s passing is a welcomed sign that the Muslim month of fasting and prayer …
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The 10 Craziest Drummers Ever
Among musicians, drummers are widely considered a base species distinct from non-percussionists. A vast corpus of drummer jokes makes them out to be only marginally civilized, barely capable of complying with the extremely loose standards of decency within …
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The 50 Greatest Drummers
Vinyl LPs at big discount prices from the uDiscover store. Browse albums now It’s that time again! It’s another uDiscover Poll of Polls. So just to remind everyone, this is not our choice of the 50 Greatest Drummers, this is us scouring the web, and …


On Bass: Drummers Get Personal

musicOn Bass: Drummers Get Personal
Drummer Miles McPherson says the ability to be great as a bassist without having a great drummer is almost non-existent. There’s only one person who really has a clue about what us bassists should be doing— more so than all the people who are usually …
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Khol and the gang: 15,000 Indians play traditional drums for 15 minutes in attempt to set record for largest percussion ensemble
These extraordinary pictures show how a huge group of percussionists attempted to break the world record for the largest ensemble of drummers. The drummers wore traditional Assamese attire yesterday to play a percussion instrument known as the khol …
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Helen Mirren, as the Queen, Scolds Drummers
Dressed as Queen Elizabeth, actress Helen Mirren stunned a band of street drummers into silence after she gave them a royal lashing for disturbing her performance on stage in London’s West End. “I’m afraid there were a few ‘thespian’ words used. They got a …
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The Original Funky Drummers On Life With James Brown

musicThe Original Funky Drummers On Life With James Brown
All this week, Morning Edition is talking about drums and drummers. For the first installment in “Beat Week,” David Greene spoke with a duo who shared drumming duties for the hardest working man in show business.
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The Last Ramone: Marky Carries the Punk Rock Banner
All four original Ramones are dead. But the drummer for most of their records, Marky Ramone, who replaced Tommy from 1978–1983, was booted for alcohol abuse and band dysfunction for a few years and then rejoined in 1987 and remained until the end, …
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Trusting the World Grooves
There are beautiful combinations of central African kalimba with Afro-Cuban chants, delightful bansuri (India bamboo flute) melodies and outstanding drumming throughout the album. The majority of the songs and instrumentals are dedicated to a deity or …
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STAFFORD – Drummers are smarter than you think

musicSTAFFORD – Drummers are smarter than you think
It’s no secret that the lead singer of a band gets all the attention, with the exception of the lead guitarist. Bassists are always the mysterious and sketchy, and then there are drummers, who aren’t usually the centre of attention. But being at the …
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Taiko Drummers Perform Concert at Juniata College March 20
Providing spiritual music for thundering drums that can be felt to the back row of any theatre, San Jose Taiko brings Japanese drumming and dazzling choreographed presentation to Juniata College as the group plays in concert at 7:30 p.m., Friday, March …
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Taiko Drummers Kodo to Perform at Music Hall at Fair Park
Old-style barriers between Japan’s art forms come down with a percussive bang in a rare collaboration between “taiko” drumming and Kabuki theater. “Amaterasu,” a performance piece that opens in Tokyo later this month, defies convention in this nation’s …
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