Tommy Tang’s Easy Thai Cooking

Tommy Tang’s Easy Thai Cooking
Chef and restaurateur Tommy Tang returns to public television with this new travel/culture series. In each episode, Tommy uncovers Thai history and cuisine, the health secrets of exotic spices, and the country’s cultural treasures and contemporary trends.
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Thai-Style Lamb Rib Chops
Trim any fat from rack. Slice between each bone of rack to make about 18 chops. In bowl, mix chops with fish sauce, ginger and pepper. One at a time, dip meat of each chop into flour. Meanwhile, in serving bowl, stir together sugar, lime juice, fish sauce …
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Tom Kha Gai: A Nourishing Thai Broth-Based Soup
He says that food wasn’t even the intention of his trip, but he couldn’t help falling in love with it — especially Thai soups. Years later, when Craig become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, he saw those amazing soups with a new understanding… They …


Reggae newcomer Eleigh debuts first effort entitled “Never Easy”

Reggae newcomer Eleigh debuts first effort entitled “Never Easy”
Originally from Virginia by way of Jamaica, reggae artist, Eleigh, eventually settled in New Jersey. Since then, he’s been feverishly working towards bringing his unique, crossover music to the masses. With both reggae and dancehall vibes, plus a splash …

Reggae-pop band Tatanka next up in Lagoon Summer Concert Series
Denver-based reggae group Tatanka will be performing on the Lagoon Summer Concert Series stage on the west lawn of Colorado State University’s Lory Student Center on Wednesday, June 21, at 6:30 p.m. The four-member group mixes traditional Caribbean …

Reggae Sumfest Celebrates Jamaica at 50
At the Olympics opening ceremonies, commentators repeatedly pointed out all the competing countries that belonged to the British Commonwealth once upon a time. In fact, a photo of the stern-faced Queen, captioned with “Look at all these countries I used …
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Easy Cioppino is a traditional San Francisco seafood stew

cusineEasy Cioppino is a traditional San Francisco seafood stew
The tomato-based seafood stew originated in San Francisco. Nearly every source I consulted traced the name and its origins to Italian-American immigrants. The dish fed miners during the Gold Rush, then became a popular menu item at restaurants around …
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New Orleans wholesaler accused of falsifying seafood’s ‘best by’ date
Sean Delaune, 26, of New Orleans, was cited Wednesday (March 4) for misbranding seafood packages and Thomas Smith, 49, of Darien, Ga., was cited for conspiring to misbrand seafood packages at Gulf Atlantic Fisheries seafood wholesalers in New …


Slavery and seafood
Mr Maung’s story is told by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), a charity, in a recent study of trafficking and piracy in Thailand’s seafood industry. The country hosts tens of thousands of trafficking victims, by conservative estimates, many …
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