Data and Economics 101

Data and Economics 101
As more organizations try to determine where best to deploy their limited budgets to support data and analytics initiatives, they realize a need to ascertain the financial value of their data and analytics – which means basic economic concepts are coming …

Department of Economics
The Department of Economics has been at the forefront of economics education and research in Australia since the founding of the University in 1961. We are committed to providing an inspiring educational and co-curricular experience to all our students …

Education Economics publishes Sheridan’s research on class length
Brandon Sheridan, an assistant professor of economics, co-published a paper showing that long classes may be more convenient for students, but decreases their ability to retain information. Brandon Sheridan, assistant professor of economics in the Martha …
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Latest Economics News

Reforming economics: Try the business school
Perhaps such an approach would be better suited to economics courses that are taught in business schools, where short courses in the subject are currently dominated by simplistic theory taken from survey textbooks rather than the intricacies of practical …
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What is Economics?
Economics can be confusing and finding a clear definition of economics can be a challenge. Most simply put, economics is the analysis of how people use the resources that are available to them. According to the American Economic Association, those …

Economics at SMU
The Department of Economics at Southern Methodist University is highly ranked among economics departments in the United States and offers comprehensive coverage of the major fields in modern economics. In the latest (2006) study of 118 PhD granting …


What Can You Do With An Economics Degree?

What Can You Do With an Economics Degree?
Careers in economics are as diverse as they come, with job roles covering everything from food and agriculture to business and banking. Depending on your area of interest, an economics degree will help you develop specialized analytical skills, enabling …

New Economics
I am tired of the classic left/right perspective on society, policy, and politics. I realize that markets are an incredible tool to allocate resources efficiently. And I also realize that markets are subject to failure and we need to protect our society …

The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence
[This post was co-written with Ajay Agrawal and Avi Goldfarb and appeared in on 17 November 2016] The year 1995 was heralded as the beginning of the New Economy. Digital communication was set to upend markets and change everything.


Latest Economics News

trendHas Economics Failed?
It is especially painful for me, as an economist, to see that two small cities in northern California — San Mateo and Burlingame — have rent control proposals on the ballot this election year. There are various other campaigns, in other places around …
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What is demand-side economics?
Demand side economics is based on the belief that the main force affecting overall economic activity and causing short-term fluctuations is consumer demand for goods and services. Sometimes called Keynesian economics, demand side economics developed in …
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Scapegoat Economics 2015
As economic crises, declines and dislocations increasingly hurt or threaten people around the globe, they provoke questions. How are we to understand the forces that produced the 2008 crisis, the crisis itself, with its quick bailouts and stimulus programs …
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Business, Finance & Economics

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Business, Finance & Economics
In 2000, the US economic embargo against was loosened to allow American farmers to export to the island. The US quickly became the largest agricultural exporter there. But no longer. Exports to Cuba have fallen off a cliff. And many American farmers argue …
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Ireland to avoid EU €280m ‘leprechaun economics’ penalty – Irish Independent
Ireland will escape being hit with an extra €280m in EU budget contributions due to the 26pc spike in the country’s wealth which was dubbed “leprechaun economics”. The huge surge in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) caused by multinational companies …

The Morning Wrap: 500 Million Yahoo Accounts Hacked; Manmohan Singh To Teach Economics At Panjab University
The Morning Wrap is HuffPost India’s selection of interesting news and opinion from the day’s newspapers. Subscribe here to receive it in your inbox each weekday morning. In a candid television interview, the outgoing chairman of selectors of the BCCI …


The Economics of Music Festivals: Who’s Getting Rich, Who’s Going Broke?

musicThe Economics of Music Festivals: Who’s Getting Rich, Who’s Going Broke?
Nothing better exemplifies this than Coachella, the crown jewel among destination music festivals, a sort of spring break for music lovers. Three days of music, over 150 bands, repeated over two weekends (the second week starts on Friday) featuring a …
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The ten best summer music festivals in Colorado
A Colorado summer can be short, but there are plenty of ways to make it sweet, especially if you pack it with as many festivals, road trips and patios as possible. We’ve picked out ten music festivals sure to give you the flavor of the state’s musical …
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Are corporate music festivals killing local venues?
I saw another side of the live music business as the former director of operations at a mid-sized concert venue. We weren’t large enough to host performance acts in their prime, for the most part; the superstars of their time played amphitheaters and high …


‘Hand to mouth’ economics – TK Chua

trend‘Hand to mouth’ economics – TK Chua
Keep the domestic demand buoyant; keep the loans growth growing and keep the GDP growth boisterous. These are the economic mantras out of Putrajaya. They have squeezed every drop from our current income and savings to keep the economy going.
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Why the Manufacturing Contraction Might Not Signal a Recession
Demand for manufactured products sank sharply last year, a rare occurrence outside a recession. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the six-and-a-half-year-old expansion is about to end. Orders for durable goods, long-lasting products such as appliances …
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The Inexact (But Crucial!) Science of Climate Economics
And why can’t economists agree? For starters, Kristen Sheeran, director of the Economics for Equity and the Environment Network, says climate models aren’t as far apart as they might seem. Yes, the gap between $ 37 and $ 220 is a big one, but both …
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Latest Economics News

trendFight or flight
THE past six months have been hard on the reputations of China’s economic managers. Their attempts to bring troublesome stockmarkets to heel border on slapstick. The uncertain handling of the country’s exchange rate, on the other hand, is no laughing …
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Have Trump voters been failed by GOP’s Reagan-style economics?
And some political scientists say his polling success is revealing a gaping hole in Republican politics: that many people in the party’s electoral base – plus a sizable contingent of independent voters – feel their economic anxieties aren’t being …
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From Russia with love
And migrant numbers are down too, because of job losses and tighter immigration laws (though not for migrants from Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, which this year joined the Eurasian Economic Union, a Russian-centred economic bloc). Lower remittances are …
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Capital Economics Sees a Wild Ride for Iron Ore as $20s Loom

trendCapital Economics Sees a Wild Ride for Iron Ore as s Loom
A mine worker positions a hose used in the drilling operation inside an underground iron ore mine. Iron ore has been pummeled yet again over 2015 as the world’s largest miners including Rio Tinto Group and BHP Billiton Ltd. in Australia and Brazil’s …
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Report finds increase in job openings for economics Ph.D.s
A new report by the American Economic Association found that its listings for jobs for economics Ph.D.s increased by 8.5 percent in 2015, to 3,309. Academic jobs increased to 2,458, from 2,290. Nonacademic jobs increased to 846 from 761. (Not all jobs …
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Five books that put some life in the dismal science of economics
Anyone’s list of best books of the year is going to be incomplete and biased. Mine, for example, is weighted toward books about economic theory and the financial industry. That means that 2015 is the perfect year for me to list my recommendations …
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The Economics Of The Retail Sector

trendThe Economics Of The Retail Sector
Lots of economic analysis focuses on production, or on consumption. But there is less focus on the economic characteristics of what happens in between production and consumption – which is called the retail sector. In the Fall 2015 issue of the Journal …
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Maggie Chapman: It’s Alex Bell’s economics that are shredded – the case for
FORMER SNP adviser Alex Bell has said that the economic case for independence is dead. In truth, the economic case for independence is stronger than ever. It’s just that the argument made by people like him was always flawed. I sometimes find it hard …
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Should Treasury Ditch the Penny? It’s Under Review
The Treasury Department, which has already announced plans to put a woman on the $ 10 bill, is also conducting a review to see if it still makes sense to keep the penny. “We’ve been looking at the penny for a long time, because obviously the value of a …
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