Caramel Pecan French Toasted Angel Food Cake

Caramel Pecan French Toasted Angel Food Cake
Who doesn’t love bread fried in butter – right? French toast is one of my favorite breakfast foods (second only to Belgian waffles) and I especially enjoy thinking up new ways to serve it. This recipe is so easy because you start with ready-made angel food …

This 200-Year-Old Map Tells You Where All Your Favorite French Foods Come From
Detail-rich printed maps may have fallen out of favor as eyes increasingly shift from paper to screens, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some very very cool maps out there that can’t be replicated on Google. Behold: the Gastronomical Map of …

French Food Recipes
The French loved olive oil, garlic, fish, and fresh vegetables long before they were touted as key foods in healthy living. Try our classic French recipes that your whole family will enjoy. Try our salad nicoise or our coq au vin blanc tonight. From the …


LUCKYRICE Asian Food & Culture Festival Returns to NYC in May

LUCKYRICE Asian Food & Culture Festival Returns to NYC in May
Mark your calendars for the first week of May, because the LUCKYRICE Festival is back in town, bringing with it top chefs from Asia, Hawai’i and across the United States, for a week of Asian food and culture events that take the concept of food festivals …
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Oberlin Students Think Americanized Asian Food Is Cultural Appropriation. They’re So Wrong.
Americanized Chinese food is not cultural appropriation. Photo Illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images When I was little, my Singaporean-Chinese family used to go out for dim sum in L.A.’s Chinatown. Squished between a million other families, we’d sit …
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America’s Hunger For Asian Food May Finally Be Catching Up To Danielle Chang
Talk about being ahead of the curve. Danielle Chang brought the first Asian-style night market to Brooklyn back in 2010, long before regional Thai and Vietnamese became buzzy cuisines in major American cities, and a full half-decade before Anthony Bourdain …


Can You Say Couscous? 4 Places to Try Moroccan Food

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????Can You Say Couscous? 4 Places to Try Moroccan Food
We’re sure that your kiddos are familiar with couscous of the Whole Foods variety. But, isn’t it time to take it up a notch and introduce them to the real McCoy? We’re talking Moroccan. That’s right, authentic Moroccan. You know, the kind that is …

Moroccan agriculture: Facing the challenges of a divided system
Moroccan agriculture is divided between a modern industrial sector that primarily produces food for export, and smallholdings that produce food mainly for local markets and farmers’ own subsistence. More than 70% of farmers work fewer than five hectares …

5 restaurants to eat Moroccan food in Toronto
Moroccan restaurants in Toronto do exist although they’re a bit difficult to find. And what is Moroccan food anyway? Think of it as food that’s spiced but not necessarily spicy, and flavorful without overwhelming your senses. While spins on classic dishes …
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The Best Thai Food You Can Eat

cusineThe Best Thai Food You Can Eat
I know Monday’s post was a bit of a Debbie Downer, but don’t worry, I’m not done writing about travel — just being a permanent nomad. So in a complete 180 from Monday’s post, let’s talk about travel and my love of good Thai food. When I …

Learning to dance in the rain
Certain words, jewelry, music, baby clothes, books we bought together, mangos, headphones, Thai food, power tools, violin music. On, and on. Everyday things that have memories and stories attached that only I know about, not to mention all of our children …

Cheap Eats, Cheap Labor: The Hidden Human Costs Of Those Lists
A treasure map to $ 1 tacos! $ 4 banh mi! $ 6 pad Thai! More often than not, the Xs that mark the cheap spots are in the city’s immigrant enclaves. Indeed, food media is never so diverse as when it runs these lists, its pages fill with names of restaurateurs …
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Meals on Wheels: Campus Food Trucks

cusineMeals on Wheels: Campus Food Trucks
John Nguyen is the owner of Chicago Lunchbox, a food truck specializing in Asian fusion cuisine. He is Vietnamese-American, married to a woman from Thailand, and draws inspiration from his friends from all across East and Southeast Asia when preparing his …
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Fusion food: the fine art of mixing it
It wasn’t exactly a traditional full English. But the breakfast udon soup at Soho’s Koya Bar was delicious, the noodles in a pork broth topped with a couple of tender rashers of bacon and a delicately poached egg. So, not an English dish – but not …
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Soul Stone restaurant delivers the ultimate in Asian fusion cuisine
The motto at Soul Stone restaurant at 2701 St. Joseph Blvd. is “uniquely exceptional”, and it couldn’t be more true. The food at Soul Stone is indeed exceptional, and the cooking techniques used by co-owner and Head Chef Sam He, are truly unique.
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6 great restaurants for spicy food

cusine6 great restaurants for spicy food
Spicy food is glorious stuff, particularly in times of duress, or when the weather is unreasonably chilly, or when you’ve misplaced that bottle of Double Chicken Brand Sriracha you still keep in your bag. So which restaurant to head for when the need for …
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LOOK: This Adopted Dog Visits Different Restaurants, Thanks To His New Pawrent
This is not your typical rags to riches plot because it’s way cuter than that. Here’s a story about a homeless dog who got adopted by a well-off man who loves him and cares for him enough to bring him wherever he goes. Look at his adorable pictures …

Stay Out Late During Inauguration Week at These 13 DC Bars and Restaurants
Hacks to Make Your Tiny NYC Apartment Seem Bigger (Yes, It’s Possible) For DC residents, Inauguration Week always comes with a slew of headaches, from navigating expansive road closures to jostling through masses of clueless tourists. But there is one …


Taste and See chef finds new job in the food industry

cusineTaste and See chef finds new job in the food industry
Another longtime Wichita chef has crossed over to the other side. On Tuesday, Febres started a job with Indian Hills Meat & Poultry, a locally owned business that provides food to restaurants, hotels, hospitals and more. He will work in sales throughout …
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India Cracks Down On Cow Slaughtering And The Sale Of Beef In Latest Attack On Secular Government
That was on display in Mewat, India when police raided roadside food stalls to confiscate beef and arrest anyone guilty of slaughtering a cow or selling the meat. This is a new local ordinance and violators can face 10 or 5 years respectively in jail.

The Companies Who Own Our Food
This chart by Oxfam International shows how tentacles of the “Big 10” food and beverage corporations touch even the most unlikely of products. With Russia as a neighbor, the Baltic countries feel they have reason to worry. These NATO-aligned countries …


Why Does Asian Food Taste So Different From Western Food?

cusineWhy Does Asian Food Taste So Different From Western Food?
Nature has published a fascinating paper that solves a seemingly silly but very interesting question: why do Western and Asian foods taste so different? After analyzing 56,498 recipes the answer is in the way they pair 381 ingredients. According to the …
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Sietsema’s 15 Best Dishes of 2016
180 West St, Brooklyn, 347-987-3666 Duck Chettinad with Foie Gras at Indian Accent — When Indian Accent arrived from Delhi, India this year, it placed South Asian cuisine in a fine dining idiom it has rarely seen here. Every course of its prix fixe …
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Cardinal, The Food Company
Counting 21 years as an importer and seller of the most established brands in the Asian food business, Cardinal The Food Company, commissioned us to breathe new life into its own-brand range of products. Apart from creating a consistent brand identity that …


New York December 1–7: The Hip-Hop Nutcracker & Food and the Chinese American Journey

musicNew York December 1–7: The Hip-Hop Nutcracker & Food and the Chinese American Journey
The Nutcracker gets a whole new vibe with this show. AFAR Local is our weekly insider guide to the best of what’s happening in cities around the U.S. Behind the Book’s Holiday Happy Hour Fundraiser Put your Thursday happy hour to a good cause with …

Growing Up Hip Hop: Layla “Turning Into A Train Wreck” Says Master P
On the Growing Up Hip Hop episode ‘Straight Trippin’, while Boogie receives shocking news about his DUI case and Kristinia gets a lead from a private investigator about her father, Romeo and his dad Master P are in the No Limit studio. But they’re …
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The Man Who Invented Hip Hop
It’s about an hour past lunchtime, and the man who invented hip-hop is nowhere to be found. The restaurant on Lenox Avenue where we’d planned to meet is closed–and has been for two weeks, according to a passerby. A call from a publicist is even less …
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Are you hungry? This weekend the food festivals in Miami are legion

cusineAre you hungry? This weekend the food festivals in Miami are legion
That’s the kind of Asian fusion happening in Miami … led by the Los Angeles band Capital Cities. Magic City Casino and the food blogger Burger Beast are hosting Weiner Bash, with several Miami restaurants trying their hand at making the best hot dogs …

Cash in hand useless, foreign patients put off surgeries
“After talking to hospitals in Europe, Africa and many Asian countries, I decided to come to India as … However, due to cash crunch, I have no option but to go to bigger restaurants for food and travel in… News Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes …

Simply Asian restaurant continues under new owner
ASHEBORO — Hungry Thai food customers are finding a new home in Asheboro. On Aug. 1, Rina Pheng took over Simply Asian Thai & Sushi and is not only serving up authentic Thai food, but a warm smile and lots of service. The Cambodian woman is no stranger …
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