Latest Cajun Foods News

Cajun food coming to the Twin Cities
NORMAL — Whether as a lawyer or a restaurant owner, it’s all about finding a niche. In Scott Vogelmeier’s case, the niche is Cajun cuisine. Vogelmeier, 51, of Bloomington, plans to bring a J. Gumbo’s franchise to a vacancy at 706 S. Main St …
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Food Recall
Consumers and retailers should look for the following label information to determine if they have recalled product in their possession: Shore Lunch “Fish Breading/Batter Mix – Cajun Style … to this type of food poisoning. It can take up to three …

Lost Cajun: Louisiana food comes to Greenville
The Lost Cajun is a chain that picked Greenville for its first store in the Carolinas and its location — in the new development next to Earth Fare off Pelham Road — makes it a convenient destination. Cajun food is considered the Everyman cuisine of …


Latest French Foods News

9 Cooking Blogs To Follow For Amazing French Recipes
One of the best things about learning to speak French is the opportunity to enjoy amazing French food! Even if you don’t have plans to travel to France anytime soon, you can still take a culinary journey in your own kitchen. These nine French cooking …

French Glossary
These classic terms appear frequently in the writing and discussion of French foods. A la Meuniere: Meaning “in the style of the miller’s wife” (who presumably had easy access to flour), this technique applies to fish that is floured, then sautéed in …

How to Comment About Food in French
Food is often at the very top of French conversations. The French always comment on their food and at home, a cook always expects many compliments. So today, we’ll study how to make positive and negative comments about food. If you are invited in a …


Latest Fusion Foods News

Korean Chinese Food: The Must-Try Fusion Cuisine You’ve Never Heard of [Photos]
It’s well known that overseas “Chinese food” tends to straddle the fake-versus-fusion boundary. Peruvians have “airport” (a dish that mixes chow mein and fried rice), Indians have Manchurian chicken, Jamaicans have jerk chow mein, and Americans have the …
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Fusion Food Gathers Momentum
When East meets West on a plate, fusion of food happens. While fusion is not a new phenomenon, it has picked up momentum in the last decade as travel, trade, and ingredient availability have hit a new high. Fusion food definitely suits Indian tastes, but …

Pan Asian vs. Asian Fusion Cuisine
I’ve eaten in several restaurants that claim they serve Asian fusion food, when I would say instead that they are Pan Asian. To me, these terms are not interchangeable: Pan Asian: The restaurant’s menu includes recognizable dishes from various Asian cuisines.


Latest Mexican Foods News

50 BEST Mexican Food Recipes
50 BEST Mexican food recipes that are perfect for Cinco de Mayo! We’ve have Mexican dishes, appetizers and a little dessert at the end of this post. : Can we just kick this off with a big, resounding Ole?!? Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner and …

The California Taco Trail: ‘How Mexican Food Conquered America’
For 50 years, the taco has been a staple of American life. It’s in school lunches and Michelin-star restaurants. It even helped launch the food truck craze. So how did the taco come to loom so large in American bellies? In Gustavo Arellano’s new book, Taco …
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Explore Los Angeles Mexican Food
Mexican food is a cultural icon in Los Angeles. Just as it’s important to see the Hollywood sign or take your picture on the Walk of Fame, you should have a real authentic Los Angeles Mexican food experience by tasting the best Mexican food this city has …


Latest Cuban Foods News

Best Cuban Food Restaurants In Tampa Bay
Final NFL Power RankingsIt’s tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here’s your final power rankings of the season. NFL Power Rankings: Week 16It’s tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here’s your power rankings heading into Week 16.

Santa Clara’s Whole Foods Market Celebrates First Birthday
At Santa Clara’s Whole Foods Market (at 2732 Augustine Dr. #1600 … We [had] a non-profit called the Sangam Arts come here to do an Afro-Cuban dance.” On July 28, store patrons picked up little blue birthday party passports that listed eight sample …
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BRIEF-Reckitt Benckiser completes sale of food business to McCormick (RB., MKC)
* COMPLETED SALE OF FOOD BUSINESS TO MCCORMICK & COMPANY, INC. FOR $ 4.2 BLN SOURCE TEXT FOR EIKON: FURTHER COMPANY COVERAGE: SEE ALSO: Mark Cuban says it’s ‘no surprise’ CEOs abandoned Trump: ‘It’s not like it was obvious there wouldn’t be future incidents’ »


Latest Thai Foods News

Favourite Thai Food: Beer Thai Restaurant at #01-96 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588
I love Thai food. For those who know me, would know that Thai food ranks pretty much up there along with Japanese food. That’s why when I came back from South America, one of the first meals I had was Thai food. I find the quality of it in Singapore to be …

Restaurant Style Red Thai Curry
I have been meaning to share Restaurant Style Red Thai Curry for dang too long. Thai food is one of my favorites, so you have no idea how excited I am to discover legit Restaurant Style Red Thai Curry that is totally weeknight-friendly. Not to mention …

Thai Street Food
Thai food’s popularity is down to its amazing flavours and frankly there is no better place to get a taste of Thai cuisine than on a trip to the land of smiles. From the smallest street cart to the highest priced most expensive restaurant, Thai food is …


Latest Indian Foods News

5 Vegan Indian Recipes For Your Enjoyment!
To start us off we have this really yummy indian rice recipe! It revolves around using a “rough lemon” for the rice flavor. Sail Us Food has come through with this, though I will admit I (being a bit of an indian food newb) definitely ended up googling …

Indian Food 101
Indian food is rapidly becoming the chosen cuisine of distinguished diners around the world, as more and more people become familiar with the region’s exquisite spices, rich coffees and unique combinations of grains, breads and oils. A culinary tradition …

India and Food Safety
Food safety is a serious public health concern in the world’s two most populous countries, China and India. In both countries, the challenges of feeding a large, geographically dispersed population, millions of whom are poor and malnourished, are immense.
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Latest Health Foods News

Healthy Food Is Growing More Expensive than Unhealthy Food: Study
Tech & Science Emails and Alerts – Get the best of Newsweek Tech & Science delivered to your inbox What they found: in 2012, 1000 kcal of “healthy” food cost approximately $ 12, while 1000 kcal of unhealthy food cost only $ 4. And while the mean price of …
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Health Foods that are Dangerous for Your Health
On a recent plane ride to a medical conference, I started a conversation with the man sitting next to me to pass the time. I told him that I was a physician working in the area of nutrition. He exclaimed that the new low-carb craze was a boon for business.

The Healthiest Food in the World
The life of a editor isn’t the flashy existence you might expect. Most days I sit around at a computer starting as early as 4:30 a.m. and still find myself in the same position at 11 at night. My days consist of everything from writing and editing …


Latest Mexican Foods News

15 Best Low Carb Mexican Recipes
There are a LOT of awesome bloggers out there who have worked hard to recreate some of our favorite Mexican, Italian, Asian and other recipes, in low carb and gluten free versions that look and taste amazing! I’m devoting the next few weekends to putting …

What Amazon Wants from Whole Foods: Data on Shopping Habits
Say you buy a lot of ingredients typically found in Asian recipes. Amazon might then suggest a Thai or Japanese cookbook. It might also recommend a new rice cooker. It works the other way, too. If you just watched a Mexican food show on Amazon video …
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The Big Eat, Slow Food Nations and 13 Other Food and Drink Events This Week
At this tequila dinner, Matador will serve up Mexican-inspired dishes each paired with a different … The Lowdown: Hosted by Slow Food USA, this three-day event celebrates clean eating and fair food through a variety of workshops, dinners, tastings …
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Latest Creole Foods News

Pearl’s Southern Comfort supplies mostly bon temps
And to vastly oversimplify the distinctions between the two cultures’ cuisines: creole food has tomatoes, Cajun food typically doesn’t. The creole jambalaya at Pearl’s is a good illustration of the difference. Some recipes for creole jambalaya call for …

Paul Prudhomme, Chef Who Revolutionized Creole Cuisine, Dies at 75
Paul Prudhomme, who brought Cajun and Creole cuisine to masses around the world as an internationally renowned chef and restaurant owner, died Thursday after a brief illness. He was 75. Prudhomme is recognized with “revolutionizing” Creole cuisine as the …

Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts Buys Tommy’s Cuisine
NEW ORLEANS – Tommy’s Restaurant Group, consisting of Tommy’s Cuisine, Tomas Bistro, Tommy’s Wine Bar and The Gallery, all located along the 700 block of Tchoupitoulas Street in the Warehouse District, has been sold to Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts.