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9 Cooking Blogs To Follow For Amazing French Recipes
One of the best things about learning to speak French is the opportunity to enjoy amazing French food! Even if you don’t have plans to travel to France anytime soon, you can still take a culinary journey in your own kitchen. These nine French cooking …

French Glossary
These classic terms appear frequently in the writing and discussion of French foods. A la Meuniere: Meaning “in the style of the miller’s wife” (who presumably had easy access to flour), this technique applies to fish that is floured, then sautéed in …

How to Comment About Food in French
Food is often at the very top of French conversations. The French always comment on their food and at home, a cook always expects many compliments. So today, we’ll study how to make positive and negative comments about food. If you are invited in a …


French Muslims Ease Cultural Tensions With French-Halal Food

French Muslims Ease Cultural Tensions With French-Halal Food
On a recent evening, Les Enfants Terribles, a Paris restaurant that serves French cuisine cooked with halal meat, was brimming with customers. Like many French Muslims, Kamil Saidi, who owns the restaurant, says he was disgusted by the recent political …
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Five French Foods That Aren’t French
In honor of Bastille Day, many an American will be chowing down on greasy French fries tonight, using the excuse of “Hey, it’s French independence day” as an excuse to gorge on the tasty fried potatoes. But, damn, there are simply so many things wrong with …
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Comparing French and Italian Food
According to a very unscientific poll we did on Facebook, the winner for favorite European cuisine by a landslide was Italian. This may be due in part to its popularity in America – after all, entire aisles of supermarkets are dedicated to pasta and sauce.


The last word of French cuisine — from a French chef

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The last word of French cuisine — from a French chef
My blog last week, “Where have all the French chefs gone?” about the lack of really good French restaurants in the Bay Area, brought an interesting response from Aurélien Crosato, a French chef who worked briefly at Fringale in 2009. Crosato, who …
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100 French Food/Drink Words and Phrases
If only your 10th grade French teacher had taught you what you really need to know — impressing that special someone at the restaurant where you’re maxing out your credit card. Don’t let that stop you though, because what they say is true: France is …

French food festival in Israel
French cuisine is on the menu at 20 restaurants and four bakeries around Israel this week as the fourth edition of the ‘So French, So Good‘ culinary festival gets underway. Local chefs and pastry chefs in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Beersheva, Acre …
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Caramel Pecan French Toasted Angel Food Cake

Caramel Pecan French Toasted Angel Food Cake
Who doesn’t love bread fried in butter – right? French toast is one of my favorite breakfast foods (second only to Belgian waffles) and I especially enjoy thinking up new ways to serve it. This recipe is so easy because you start with ready-made angel food …

This 200-Year-Old Map Tells You Where All Your Favorite French Foods Come From
Detail-rich printed maps may have fallen out of favor as eyes increasingly shift from paper to screens, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some very very cool maps out there that can’t be replicated on Google. Behold: the Gastronomical Map of …

French Food Recipes
The French loved olive oil, garlic, fish, and fresh vegetables long before they were touted as key foods in healthy living. Try our classic French recipes that your whole family will enjoy. Try our salad nicoise or our coq au vin blanc tonight. From the …


Latest French Foods News

French Food Recipes
The French loved olive oil, garlic, fish, and fresh vegetables long before they were touted as key foods in healthy living. Try our classic French recipes that your whole family will enjoy. Try our salad nicoise or our coq au vin blanc tonight. From the …

Joburg food truck introduces gourmet gatsbys (with options for banting fans and vegans, too)
The gatsby may have been invented in Cape Town, and, as a result, the Mother City may have its fair pick of the best versions of this legendary street food, but Johannesburg … That means instead of the customary French loaf, banters will receive …

St. Martin island flaunts its French food
St. Maarten/St. Martin It wasn’t just the sugary beaches and warm turquoise waters that winked at me. It was the self-proclaimed appellation as the “Cuisine Capital of the Caribbean” that drew me to the tropical island of St. Martin. Half Dutch, half …
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Review: ‘French Chef in America’ recalls Julia Child’s influential career

cusineReview: ‘French Chef in America’ recalls Julia Child’s influential career
But as Prud’homme points out, Child embodied a curious duality. On the one hand, she wanted to rescue classical French cuisine from the encroachments of fast food and U.S.-style supermarkets (although the French clearly enjoyed convenience as much as the …
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The Ultimate Guide to French Food
America has a long history of elevating French food to the status of the rare, the fancy, and the untouchable by ordinary home cooks. But since 1961, at least, with the appearance of volume one of Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle, and Simone Beck’s …

This French startup just raised M to make food out of mealworms
French startup Ynsect wants you to eat bugs — eventually. For now, it’s focusing on creating insect protein to feed farmed animals a healthier, more eco-conscious diet. After raising just over $ 15 million in investment funding, Ynsect to expand its …
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Vegetarian French Onion Soup

cusineVegetarian French Onion Soup
Temperatures dipped below 40 this weekend and I’ve been dreaming of creamy, warm and savory food ever since. Thankfully, this french onion soup has all of the above. Super rich and flavorful, thanks to the serious richness of Pacific Food’s Mushroom Broth.

How to make Turkey French Dip sandwiches for Thanksgiving
Top with the cranberry lids and serve with a dish of jus for dipping and mustard mayo on the side. Find more of Beverley’s recipes here. Follow her on Instagram @thelittlechelseakitchen for more inspiration.
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Counter: Thanksgiving dinner and Korean comfort food
Because having your food flambéed table-side can be pretty comforting too. Adam Perry Lang may be known more for his barbecue pop-ups, but he’s also cooked for some of the biggest names in French cuisine — and he likes to spend his Thanksgiving …
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Seychelles Tourism Board and Turkish Airline meet with the French travel trade to present the flights to the Seychelles Islands

cusineSeychelles Tourism Board and Turkish Airline meet with the French travel trade to present the flights to the Seychelles Islands
Whilst the travel professionals mingle and sought additional information from the team members present, the flying Chef flown in from the Turkish capital especially for the event ensured that our partners had a feast of typical delicacies both sweet and …

First Traditional Jewish Wedding in South Korea in Living Memory
And indeed, guests (including family from Ireland, local Jews and native Koreans) mingled over tables piled high with delicacies that included fresh-baked challah with hummus, Israeli-style burekas, roast chicken, meatballs, roasted green pumpkins (a …
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Amy Boyle Collins
The first of its kind, Beignet Fest, set for Oct. 8, is designed to celebrate the iconic beignet from traditional sweet treats with powdered sugar to savory delicacies that feature seafood, cheese and more. Proceeds from Beignet Fest will benefit the newly …
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Latest French Foods News

cusineCôte d’Or Café Hopes to Show Off ‘Healthier Side of French Cooking’
That means instead of making sauces with heavy cream, for instance — butter, cream, flour and cheese are hallmarks of French cuisine — Imperato uses healthier oils. “The Burgundy cooking style uses less cream than other French regions use in their …
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S02E11: French Chef Olivier Foucke in China
During our visit to Niccolo Chengdu, Chef Olivier was there for a French food promotion. Not only did we talk about his French classical cooking background, but what it is like to cook in China. We also chatted about culinary travel, including where Chef …

The 10 best new State Fair foods (and a few clunkers to avoid)
Cheesy French Onion Monkey Bread At Blue Moon Dine-In Theater … Is there any more snooze-worthy phrase in the food universe? But here on Dan Patch Avenue at one of those generic-seeming beer vending stalls, we dare say we just ate the chicken tender …
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10 Good Reasons to Learn French

cusine10 Good Reasons to Learn French
Did I mention that the chocolate soufflé was the most tastiest dessert I’ve ever eaten? French cuisine is filled with tasty treats: croissants, pastries, tarts, baguettes, cheese, wine, crepes, macarons – I could literally go on for hours about how …

Haute Cuisine: Las Vegas Eateries You Must Try
AMAZING AMBIANCE Twist is the only place in the U.S. that you can experience Pierre Gagnaire’s haute cuisine. Its beautiful light fixtures and floor-to-ceiling windows are perfectly befitting of this French master’s fare. DYNAMITE DISHES This is …
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Danone to Swallow Up WhiteWave Foods
French yogurt maker Danone is doubling the size of its U.S. business by purchasing organic foods producer WhiteWave Foods (NYSE: WWAV) for $ 10 billion. Spun out from milk producer Dean Foods in 2013, WhiteWave has long been seen as an attractive …
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