BRC Global Standards Publishes New Food Safety Issue 7 Voluntary Module: AOECS Standard for Gluten Free Foods

cusineBRC Global Standards Publishes New Food Safety Issue 7 Voluntary Module: AOECS Standard for Gluten Free Foods
BRC Global Standards has published BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Voluntary Module 12 AOECS Standard for Gluten-free Foods on 12 September 2016. It has been developed in association with the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) to enable …
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Great American Beer Festival gluten-free entries include Boulder triplets
Triplets Jennifer, Jessica and Jill Emich – known colloquially as “The Blissful Sisters” – came into the Great American Beer Festival competition at the weekend a double minority – not only as female owners of a brewery, but one that retails heavily in …

These goodies are perfect for your vegan, gluten-free holiday guests
Get Unlimited Digital Access Your first month is less than a dollar. $ 0.99 for first 4 weeks Subscribe Now Dallas Farmers Market vendor Jill Inforzato has a double-good fix for holiday entertaining when your guests are vegan or need gluten-free. Such …
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Dubai free fridge food campaign could go global

cusineDubai free fridge food campaign could go global
During the Holy Month, more than 100 fridges across the UAE were filled with food and drinks donated by the public to … are planning to spread the cause on a bigger scale in September. Moroccan expat Janine Bensouda, a member of the fridge sharing …
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Moroccan Paradise in Tempe Serves Poutine, Crepes, Gelato — and Moroccan Food
What do you get when you combine Moroccan food, gelato, and poutine? A stomach ache, maybe. But also, the newly opened Moroccan Paradise restaurant in Tempe. Brought to the same strip mall as well-loved Indo-Pak restaurant Curry Corner by an owner who …
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Banyan Tree opens Morocco’s first all-pool villa resort
The highlights, of course, will be the traditional Moroccan delicacies and comforting Mediterranean-inspired seafood dishes, which you can enjoy by the beach or under a traditional tent. In celebration of the opening, Banyan Tree will be offering a choice …


Global brewers push local beers to quench African palates

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Global brewers push local beers to quench African palates
KAMPALA/NAIROBI (Reuters) – International brewers in Africa are expanding their production of beers based on local ingredients, snapping up craft brewers and introducing more brands as low-cost beers gain popularity on the fast-growing but still poor …
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Belgian brew is true ‘Champagne of beers’
Belgian brew is true ‘Champagne of beers’ “The Champagne of Beers” is the frequently-used marketing slogan for the mass-produced, American Pilsner-like beer known as Miller High Life. You have to admit it is catchy motto, even if it is not entirely …
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When Bands Brew Beers
Call me simple, but on a Saturday in San Diego, my day is made when just two things come together: beer and bands. And when those bands have a hand in that beer (kind of literally?), well spin me around and call me Fred, because the time to tap is now.
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West Virginia Votes To Block Science Standards Because They Teach Global Warming

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????West Virginia Votes To Block Science Standards Because They Teach Global Warming
Beginning this summer, public school students in West Virginia were supposed to learn about human-indu

ced climate change three times — in sixth-grade science, in ninth-grade science, and in a high school elective course on environmental science. Now …
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How killing wolves to protect livestock may backfire
The scientists also figured out whether or not the wolf had belonged to a pack, which consist of a pair of adults and their offspring. Wolves that belonged to packs tended to eat more wild boar and roe deer and less goat and other livestock than did …
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Most of us like to think that we’re independent-minded — we tell ourselves we like Adele’s latest album because it suits our taste, not because millions of other people bought it, or that we vote Democrat because we’re so enlightened, not because all …
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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Just Broke Another Huge Global Box Office


Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Just Broke Another Huge Global Box Office
Arnold has only been able put together a $ 112 million Chinese box office. That’s nothing to sneeze at – especially when compared to the business that the film did here in the United States – but it does go to show that slow and steady does win the race.
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Box Office: Katti Batti Is A Major Theatrical Flop For Imran Khan And Kangana
Katti Batti has not done well at all at the Box Office. Though the opening day was decent, the weekend didn’t show any momentum whatsoever. The picture was clear there and then that the word of mouth for the film wasn’t positive. This reflected on …
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Friday Box Office: ‘Everest’ Scores Big On Big Screens, Emily Blunt’s ‘Sicario
Whether or not that buzz translates into box office when the film goes wide is an open question, but it can’t hurt. Anyway, the picture earned $ 133,810 Friday which sets the stage for a $ 455k weekend and a superb $ 75k per-screen-average. The picture …
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21 Global Vegan Dumpling Recipes That Prove Great Things Come in Small Packages

cusine21 Global Vegan Dumpling Recipes That Prove Great Things Come in Small Packages
Perhaps you think about the southern dish of chicken and dumplings that is considered classic comfort food. There are all kinds of dumplings. Every country on Earth has its own regional cuisine and one food that seems to be universal is the dumpling.
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Kosher, gluten-free, vegan: UD’s new food options
The University of Delaware Class of 2019 grew up watching the Food Network and dining out – especially at fast-casual restaurants. And college officials were getting more and more requests for foods prepared for those with dietary restrictions, such as …
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Are Eggs Without Eggs Still Eggs? Vegan Company Demands Investigation
That is at the heart of a mayonnaise controversy that has been whipped up by Hampton Creek, which makes vegan food and has a mayonnaise they want to sell as mayonnaise. But Federal law put a stop to just slapping a name on a fake product over 70 …
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Dolby, IMAX Announce Expansions As Global Box Office Grows

trendDolby, IMAX Announce Expansions As Global Box Office Grows
You’ve probably heard about how awful the summer box office was in 2014. And you probably heard that it was a down year. Right? So I’m guessing you’d be surprised if I told you that last year’s box office was actually up by 1% over the previous year.
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Films shouldn’t be judged by box office numbers: Hirani – The Express Tribune
MUMBAI: Having delivered one of the biggest hits in Hindi cinema with PK, award-winning filmmaker Rakumar Hirani isn’t too bothered about box office numbers. “A film shouldn’t be judged by the box office numbers anyway. Several films doing well at the …
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“Ant-Man” Crosses 0 Million In U.S. Box Office, Remains #1 Over “Pixels
Discussion: Did a Classic Joker Story Result from Walt Simonson’s Trade with a Fellow Artist? Jul 26, 10:58am · Discussion: Write your own Joker origin story! Jul 26, 10:06am · Discussion: FULL ISSUES: Read Top Cow’s “Think Tank” #1-4 by Hawkins & …
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