Are Video Games the New Great Medium for Telling Stories?

Are Video Games the New Great Medium for Telling Stories?
Since time began, people have used storytelling in order to achieve one of our primary goals, that of survival. It’s funny, isn’t it? We use stories to entertain, but we also use them to teach us how to live. Imagine the dawn of civilization: one person …
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Let kids be kids, let them play video games
I could tell you about the educational benefits for your children of playing video games . For instance, it improves reaction time, hand-eye coordination, cognitive development, and even social and negotiating skills when your children buy and sell virtual …
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Study: Violent Video Games Linked To Decreasing Crime Rates
A recent study indicates that video games may be keeping young Americans from committing crime, even when those games are particularly violent. Several laboratory studies and analyses have focused on the possible ways in which exposure to violent video …
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Living the inland search: Sup Surfing the Great Lakes

Living the inland search: Sup Surfing the Great Lakes
If you gotta go, you GOTTA go. That’s how Ian Jacobson views his passion for surfing. Starting at the age of 14, Ian found the freedom and joy that only riding moving bodies of water can bring. That bought him to paddleboarding which brought him …

Scientists Solve Surfing Snails Stumper
Biologists have now figured out that the surfing snails ascended from evolutionary relatives on the ocean floor. The surfboard evolved from the snails’ egg packet. ARI SHAPIRO, host: Good morning. I’m Ari Shapiro. Violet snails may be some of the best …
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Get Yourself in Surfing Shape
Most people who surf on a regular basis are strong, fit individuals in very good shape. I cannot think of any professional surfer who isn’t in top physical condition. However, surfing is a sport that requires both physical and mental strength.


‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ at Syracuse Stage celebrates the great jazz pianists

‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ at Syracuse Stage celebrates the great jazz pianists
The music conjures images of late night rent parties in Harlem and impromptu “cutting” competitions featuring the finest Jazz pianists of the day: the great James P. Johnson, the incomparable Willie “The Lion” Smith, and the teenage prodigy Thomas Wright …
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Puget Sound Piano Trio next in UPS Concert Series
She has performed on radio in New York City, Moscow, and Croatia, and she appeared in the television program In Praise of Women Pianists. Stambuk has been featured in recital at Merkin Concert Hall, in New York City; Academy of Music, in Philadelphia …

53 young pianists to compete in Bachauer piano competitions
SALT LAKE CITY  When it came time to select the 53 young pianists from around the world who will compete for the title of Gina Bachauer Gold Medalist in two competitions this month, said Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation public relations …
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6 great restaurants for spicy food

cusine6 great restaurants for spicy food
Spicy food is glorious stuff, particularly in times of duress, or when the weather is unreasonably chilly, or when you’ve misplaced that bottle of Double Chicken Brand Sriracha you still keep in your bag. So which restaurant to head for when the need for …
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LOOK: This Adopted Dog Visits Different Restaurants, Thanks To His New Pawrent
This is not your typical rags to riches plot because it’s way cuter than that. Here’s a story about a homeless dog who got adopted by a well-off man who loves him and cares for him enough to bring him wherever he goes. Look at his adorable pictures …

Stay Out Late During Inauguration Week at These 13 DC Bars and Restaurants
Hacks to Make Your Tiny NYC Apartment Seem Bigger (Yes, It’s Possible) For DC residents, Inauguration Week always comes with a slew of headaches, from navigating expansive road closures to jostling through masses of clueless tourists. But there is one …


The Robotics Revolution: The Next Great Leap in Manufacturing

trendThe Robotics Revolution: The Next Great Leap in Manufacturing
Wider robotics adoption will boost manufacturing productivity by up to 30 percent. As a result of higher robotics use, average manufacturing labor costs are projected to be 33 percent lower in South Korea and 18 to 25 percent lower in China, Germany, the …

Key Trends in Robotics Development
Advances in hardware and software, from new processing paradigms to design and simulation, are changing the robotics landscape. Robots these days come in many shapes and sizes. Tough but nimble industrial robots on manufacturing lines do the heavy lifting …
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Developing America’s Next Leaders Through Robotics
In the world of high profile sports, we think about superstars, big scores, and supersized contracts. From high school through college all the way to the pros, kids dream of being a superstar. It’s less about team, and more often about “me.”
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10 Great Moments From the Early Days of Lollapalooza

music10 Great Moments From the Early Days of Lollapalooza
Back then, they were touring behind their first album Ten and were widely considered part of grunge movement. Irritating as it was for them to be lumped into the hyped Seattle scene, being onstage gave Pearl Jam a freedom and a recklessness to escape.
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Fashion goes grunge for fall
So say the various retailers’ trend reports — the same ones that also announce the correctness of wearing certain shades of blue or floral prints. Unlimited access to on your computer, tablet and smart phone, as well as the Web App …
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Marilyn Manson says he invented grunge: “You’re welcome”
Marilyn Manson may have buried the hatchet with Billy Corgan and Courtney Love, but his latest comments on grunge music might ruffle a few feathers and instigate a whole other world of controversy. In a new interview, the industrial rocker claims he was …
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Kenyan Riders Down Under continue progression with Cadel Evans Great Ocean


Kenyan Riders Down Under continue progression with Cadel Evans Great Ocean
Ask someone to name a Kenyan cyclist and they’re likely to reply Chris Froome. The two-time Tour de France champion may be the most famous cycling export from the African country but Stewart Crowley is aiming to ensure he has company in the WorldTour …


Charges Dropped
When the defense showed the jury pictures of Murdick riding a bike in Colorado after the crash that looked identical to the bike he claimed was damaged and unsafe to ride outside, Murdick said he had borrowed the same kind of bike from one of his …
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Burglars take racing bike, monitor on Dewey
A racing bike and a computer monitor were found missing after a burglary in an unlocked garage in the 1300 block of Dewey Avenue yesterday. This among the stories in today’s daily crime bulletin from Evanston police.
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3 great Santa Clara Valley wine tasting stops

cusine3 great Santa Clara Valley wine tasting stops
Open since October, Miramar’s wine tasting patio and bocce ball court are already drawing wine lovers eager to taste the winery’s five reds and a white. The tasting area is set against a backdrop of wine barrels and tanks, where you can grab a seat and …
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Western Reserve Wines tastings top our wine calendar
Tastings are 6-9 p.m. each day. Cost is $ 10 and includes six samples, cheese, crackers and tasting notes. The Olde Wine Cellar is at 7990 Columbia Road, Olmsted Falls. Call 440-427-1222. Saturday, Jan. 9: Western Reserve Wines’ tasting will feature The …

‘Sweethearts For Education’ Wine Tasting Event To Be Hosted By Castaic
4 with appetizers and desserts as well as a series of wine tastings. There will also be a silent auction, prize drawings and a raffle held at the event. The donations received from past events have allowed the foundation to help establish computer …
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Five great Lehigh Valley coffee shops

cusineFive great Lehigh Valley coffee shops
A chocolate biscotti was dark, rich and not too sweet with a great crunchy texture. My iced coffee was $ 3.50 and biscotti was $ 2. Other deliciousness: Terra Cafe has a nice sized menu for a small spot, with breakfast and lunch options (even some veggie …
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Steadfast, Slow Hand make city’s coffee scene even richer
Guidry developed his reputation for rich, smooth espresso-based and cold-brewed drinks from his food-truck days. His specialties begin with Counter Culture beans (from Durham, N.C.) housemade simple syrups and bitters, milk from Grove Family Dairy in …
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Beer of the Week: Brooklyn Intensified Coffee Porter
This is a stark contrast to many barrel-aged imperial stouts whose body is so rich and boozy that, after one glass, you’re ready to push back from the table. The Intensified Coffee Porter does get more intense as you drink. Though there’s more coffee …
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21 Global Vegan Dumpling Recipes That Prove Great Things Come in Small Packages

cusine21 Global Vegan Dumpling Recipes That Prove Great Things Come in Small Packages
Perhaps you think about the southern dish of chicken and dumplings that is considered classic comfort food. There are all kinds of dumplings. Every country on Earth has its own regional cuisine and one food that seems to be universal is the dumpling.
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Kosher, gluten-free, vegan: UD’s new food options
The University of Delaware Class of 2019 grew up watching the Food Network and dining out – especially at fast-casual restaurants. And college officials were getting more and more requests for foods prepared for those with dietary restrictions, such as …
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Are Eggs Without Eggs Still Eggs? Vegan Company Demands Investigation
That is at the heart of a mayonnaise controversy that has been whipped up by Hampton Creek, which makes vegan food and has a mayonnaise they want to sell as mayonnaise. But Federal law put a stop to just slapping a name on a fake product over 70 …
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