The Deal on Providing Transportation for Guests Between the Ceremony and Reception

blogs-aisle-say-wedding-guest-transportationThe Deal on Providing Transportation for Guests Between the Ceremony and Reception
If you’re throwing your reception at a location different than your ceremony space, you may consider providing guests transportation. But is this necessary, especially when the budget is tight? Our etiquette experts are here to let you know what’s required …

Midtown Atlanta reveals revamped vision for transportation
Apartments rise near Midtown MARTA Station; 96 percent of all residences and offices in the neighborhood are within a six-minute walk of MARTA. Matthew Kaas After more than a year of studies, surveys, and analysis, Midtown Alliance has revealed a new …
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Fun Times Ahead as Transportation Bill Takes Shape
As Congress starts hammering out a transportation spending bill, keep your eye on who asks for what and how the horses are traded. Transportation is a tried-and-true way for legislators to bring home the bacon, so we’re sure to see legislation packed …
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Houston BBQ Fest to welcome three special guests

cusineHouston BBQ Fest to welcome three special guests
Hometown Bar-B-Que’s pitmaster Durney is a native New Yorker who trained under Wayne Mueller of Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor. Durney will spend his time at the festival in Mueller’s barbecue booth. Frenchman Abramowicz opened The Beast last …
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Weekender: Entertainment Calendar
DINOSAUR BAR-B-QUE: 377 River St., Troy. 308-0400. North and South Dakotas with Steve Candlen, April 17. Flakjacket with Run for Cover, April 18. One Night Stand, April 24, High Peaks Band, April 25. GAFFNEY’S: 16 Caroline St., Saratoga Springs.
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42nd Annual Angelo Clinic Coming Soon
The fee includes all lectures, question and answer sessions, socials, Thursday lunch, and Wednesday night Bar-B-Que. The event is being sponsored by Gandy Ink, CoachComm, Collegiate Sports Team Travel, HEB Tournament of Champions, Mayer Ranch, …