5 trendy health foods that aren’t worth your money

5 trendy health foods that aren’t worth your money
From acai bowls and bone broth, food trends come and go. More often than not, the of-the-moment foods can set you back a pretty penny too. So which are worth it? Whether it’s just overpriced or overrated, here are five food trends you may want to think …
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Five health-enhancing foods that don’t even seem like health foods: Mustard, cole slaw and more
(NaturalNews) When observing the typical diet of American … Mustard products — even conventional products from non-health-food companies — are still very healthful to consume. You can also make your own mustard using nothing more than a Vita-Mix …
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10 Health Foods With More Sugar Than a Coke
Popular “health foods” are sneaky sources of sugar. As far as you’re concerned, you’re having a pretty healthy day. You start off with a glass of orange juice and a bowl of whole-grain cereal. By mid-morning, when you’ve got the munchies …
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cusineHot for your health: “the science fiction that is now your health reality”
Why are food and nutrition so complicated these days? How do sex and fertility affect social policy? What the heck is the right thing to do when it comes to hormone replacement therapy? These hot health questions and much more will be addressed on November …
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The Food Business Is Literally Killing The Planet – This Entrepreneur Is Saving It
“It is food that is the leading cause of our global health crisis and it is food that’s at the heart of the environmental catastrophe facing the planet,” Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen plainly yet confidently stated before the 71 st United Nations General …
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California Public Employees Retirement System Has 5,000 Position in Lifeway Foods Inc. (LWAY)
Lifeway Foods Company Profile Lifeway Foods, Inc (Lifeway) is engaged in the manufacturing of probiotic, cultured, functional dairy health food products. The Company is engaged in the sale of fermented dairy products, which are produced and are sold to …
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Boston could soon give restaurants and food trucks a letter grade based on health inspections

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Boston could soon give restaurants and food trucks a letter grade based on health inspections
Boston restaurants and food trucks may soon be asked to display a report card of cleanliness and food safety on their buildings for customers to see. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced Wednesday that he has filed an ordinance to establish a restaurant …
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Ladies, these are the best foods to eat for your overall health
There are certain foods that we should all be eating because they are good for us. And, as women, there are particular food items that help with our unique health issues. Here’s a rundown of what you should include in your diet today. Because our body’s …
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CoreLife Eatery bringing healthy fast-casual food to Strongsville (video)
STRONGSVILLE, Ohio — CoreLife Eatery believes Northeast Ohio is ready for clean, healthy food in a fast-casual setting. The company, which started in 2015 and now has three restaurants in New York, opens its first Ohio location Friday at The Commons at …
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cusineHealthy Fun Foods for Kids, From the Caribbean
School is out and summer is in – the perfect time to explore recipes that include in-season fruits and vegetables. There are many ways to keep your kids healthy during summer vacation that are still fun and exciting, while using fresh fruits and …
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Moroccan Food for Good Health
New York – Many of the ingredients found in Moroccan food promote good health, as Moroccan food tends to rely on whole food ingredients freshly prepared, sing herbs and spices for flavor rather than deep frying. Bread tends to be baked from whole grains …
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Farm to fork, the new mantra of healthy eating
Gone are the days when exotic imported foods were considered healthy. Time has come to awaken to the benefits of produce which is brought directly from the fields to the table without the toxity it could have acquired during long periods of storage and …
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Cuts to elderly and primary healthcare only the start for the Canterbury District Health Board

trendCuts to elderly and primary healthcare only the start for the Canterbury District Health Board
Looming cuts to elderly and primary healthcare to subsidise mental health funding may only be the start of what’s to come for Canterbury. The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) have indicated a $ 23 million shortfall in Canterbury’s mental health …
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Northern Michigan Candidate For State House Accused of Healthcare Fraud
A Northern Michigan Physical Therapy Provider running for state representative, now accused of healthcare fraud. Doctor Vijay Kumar faces several counts of health care fraud and intentionally placing false information on a chart by a healthcare provider.
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Ebola Healthcare Workers Are Dying Faster Than Their Patients
When Dr. Olivet Buck became the fourth Sierra Leone doctor to die from Ebola after she was denied evacuation, the third American healthcare worker to contract Ebola in West Africa was well on the way to recovery back in Omaha, Nebraska. WHO spokesman Tarik …
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cusine8 “HealthyFoods That Are Actually Really Bad for You
Especially when they tout how much fiber and protein they’re packed with — or how minimal their “net carb” count is — energy bars may seem like super-healthy snacks. (After all, they’re sold at health food stores and most gyms, and athletes eat them, so.
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John Hancock rewards customers who eat healthy foods
John Hancock is giving its customers a financial incentive to eat healthy. Starting Wednesday, those who hold certain life insurance policies with the financial services company will be able to earn discounts, cash back on groceries and dollars off …
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Celebrate World Health Day with these incredibly healthy foods that are
Agreed, health-related behaviors can prove crucial in improving one’s health and diminishing risks of being diagnosed with deadly diseases. But healthy food habits – which are obviously not as complex as you might think – can help you keep your weight …
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cusineSome healthy foods could be derailing your diet
“Eliminate gluten, eggs, all grains, white potatoes, dairy, soy, processed foods, industrial oils like corn, peanut and vegetable oils and white sugar. For autoimmune, sometimes nuts and nightshades. Its only 21 days and then we add things back to see …
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Labelling foods with emoji a potential solution to engaging kids in healthy eating
As Australia grapples with how to combat a childhood obesity crisis, a group of US researchers have suggested the humble emoji may hold the key to encouraging children to make healthier food decisions.
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Nature’s Den Health Foods attends expo
LUCIE — The owners and staff of Nature’s Den Health Foods, 8759 S. U.S. 1, Port St. Lucie, attended the 2015 SOHO Expo held in Orlando Dec. 3 to 6, 2015. The show was held for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of natural foods and health-related …
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Weight-related health care adds $800 million-plus to WNY medical costs

trendWeight-related health care adds 0 million-plus to WNY medical costs
Nearly two in three Western New York adults – 722,000 people – are either overweight or obese, according to a new report from Univera Healthcare. Excess annual medical spending in the region attributable to overweight and obesity is estimated at $ 808 …
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How the US Can Reduce Waste in Health Care Spending by Trillion
During the presidential campaign, Americans will be bombarded with proposals to improve the U.S. health care system in ways big and small that would either build on or radically revamp the Affordable Care Act (ACA). All will claim to reduce costs and …
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Increasing roles of nurse practitioners and physician assistants in healthcare
As the United States experiences a doctor shortage, more patients are seeing nurse practitioners and physician assistants for the diagnosis of routine ailments. This week on “Take Care,” Dr. Atul Grover discusses the differences between nurse …
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LG Health expands agreement with Temple University School of Medicine

trendLG Health expands agreement with Temple University School of Medicine
For years, Temple University School of Medicine has sent students to Lancaster General Hospital for family medicine clerkships. Now the two organizations have expanded their agreement to include three more clinical rotation specialty areas: Obstetrics …
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An inside look at Hacking Medicine
There’s an element of performance anxiety when you’re doing anything in Cambridge. The city just has this palpable buzz of brainpower. This is particularly true when you gather 400-plus scientists, programmers, physicians and entrepreneurs for a …
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Chinese Herbal Medicine May Have Delayed Benefit in Stroke
The Chinese Medicine NeuroAiD Efficacy on Stroke Recovery (CHIMES) study was an international randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial of 3 months of treatment with the herbal supplement NeuroAiD (Moleac) started within 72 hours of symptom …
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cusineThese foods will make you smarter
“Food really affects the function of the brain,” he notes. “Brain Maker” says our digestive system is the key to making our brain work better and making us healthier. Perlmutter surmises that our brains are dependent on the health of the bacteria in …
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Barry Lewis: Drink up – coffee’s now the hot new ‘health food
And as anyone who has spent any time religiously following a strict healthy regimen, this can be an arduous task. I don’t mean to boast, but the type of daily discipline that’s needed to make sure I drink no less than 10 cups of java has been as …
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FDA To Health Food Companies: The Word ‘Healthy’ Has An Actual Meaning
Kind bars are quite tasty, but are they healthy? Sure, they’re made from ostensibly healthy ingredients like nuts and dried fruit, but some bars also have ingredients like chocolate and peanut butter. The Food and Drug Administration sent the company a …
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