Pickled Indian Vegetables

Pickled Indian Vegetables
When completely cool, cover and place in the refrigerator. The Pickled Indian vegetables will keep for about 4 weeks stored in a glass jar in the refrigerator. We suggest using beefsteak tomatoes because of their red color and firm texture. There may be …
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Indian scrambled eggs
Heat the oil and butter in a small non-stick frying pan. Add the onion and fry for about four minutes, until soft. Beat together the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and pour into the pan and scramble as normal. Take them off the heat when they are cooked …
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Fridge magnet: Indian food spices up cooking routine
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5 Vegan Indian Recipes For Your Enjoyment!
To start us off we have this really yummy indian rice recipe! It revolves around using a “rough lemon” for the rice flavor. Sail Us Food has come through with this, though I will admit I (being a bit of an indian food newb) definitely ended up googling …
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Indian Food 101
Indian food is rapidly becoming the chosen cuisine of distinguished diners around the world, as more and more people become familiar with the region’s exquisite spices, rich coffees and unique combinations of grains, breads and oils. A culinary tradition …
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India and Food Safety
Food safety is a serious public health concern in the world’s two most populous countries, China and India. In both countries, the challenges of feeding a large, geographically dispersed population, millions of whom are poor and malnourished, are immense.
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Cookbook demystifies Indian food

Cookbook demystifies Indian food
Anupy Singla distills her life experience into one phrase: Indian as apple pie. Born in India and raised in Philadelphia, she’s always had a foot in both worlds. Cooking was the thing that kept her connected wherever she went. After becoming a mom, cooking …
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Fusion food becomes a rage in India
New Delhi, June 25 (IANS) International influences mixed with Indian flavours is something that is becoming big in India, say experts. “I feel there are a lot of things happening in the food and beverage business in India. I would say that international …
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Indian Food and the West
In this fourth in a series exploring food and identity in India, The Diplomat explores the country’s relationship with Western cuisine. In many Western countries, Indian food has for some time been an increasingly sought after ‘ethnic’ taste that …
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Does Indian Cuisine Have Mother Sauces?

Does Indian Cuisine Have Mother Sauces?
If you like it, save it! Save and organize all of the stuff you love in one place. Despite all this, I welcomed the intellectual exercise. I asked myself: instead of “sauces,” does Indian cooking have essential wet curries, or a combination of spices …
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Why delicious Indian food is surprisingly unpopular in the U.S.
Yesterday, we told you the secret formula that makes Indian food so delicious. But if you think your love for Indian food is shared by everyone—or even most people—in this country, you might want to think again: Indian food may be awesome, but it’s …
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India pitches for FDI in food-processing industry
Pitching for foreign direct investment in the food-processing sector, India has asked the U.S. companies to take advantage of its liberalised foreign investment rules, ready made infrastructure and improving business environment. A high-powered team of …
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DIRTY DINING: Food temperatures issue at Mint Indian Bistro

cusineDIRTY DINING: Food temperatures issue at Mint Indian Bistro
LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Like many races on Election Day, the race for the top Dirty Dining spot was too close to call. The candidates were separated by such a slim margin that Darcy Spears decided to give us a Dirty Dining two-fer. We begin on Flamingo Road and …
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FSSAI Invited to Speak at the 3rd Annual ‘Food Quality & Safety Congress 2016’
Food safety is one of the serious public health concerns in India as the challenge of feeding a large, geographically dispersed population is immense. Similarly, testing and analytical capacity among India’s official food safety monitoring units is …
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India the market to be in, say mid-market i-bankers
“Japan Inc is keen on snapping up Indian assets in the consumer, e-commerce and IT space apart from food and beverages. I see great scope going forward,” Yoshizawa said.
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cusineSummer Glow: 4 simple, natural and healthy summer foods for that flawless skin
Founder and Director at GAIA, one of India’s fastest growing health and nutrition brand, Dolly Kumar shares the four best foods that would help regain that healthy glow to your skin… Besides, following a strict beauty regime, eating a balanced diet is …
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Rio Olympics: Athletes to get Indian food
After the 2012 London Games courted controversy with most of the Indian contingent complaining the lack of proper vegetarian food, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has assured the Indian Olympics Association (IOA) that the athletes would get …
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Masala Wrap offers fast casual Indian food in Morrisville
Masala Wrap is a fast casual Indian restaurant in Morrisville that just got on my radar. The owners describe the restaurant, which opened last fall, as the Chipotle of Indian food and believe it is the first of its kind in North Carolina. Similar concepts …
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cusineWant to bring in a balance between traditional Indian food and progressive cuisine: Zorawar Kalra
He’s raised fine dining to new levels with his Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, Farzi Cafe, Pa Pa Ya and MasalaBar initiatives. It is restaurateur Zorawar Kalra’s eye for detail that’s given him a head start in an otherwise crowded space. While the …
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Electric Karma: Indian food with LA style
I first visited Electric Karma while on a Melting Pot Tour. We started at the Original Farmers Market visiting and tasting a variety of epicurean venues, before heading down Third Street towards the Beverly Center. Along the walk, we stopped at the …
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Second Take: My Indian culture should not be used as a marketing tool
I chose to eat school lunches of cheese pizza and chocolate milk over homemade spiced vegetables, curry and rice as an elementary school kid, but not because I hated Indian food. I can’t get enough of the blast of flavor that comes with every bite.
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cusineBombay offers delicious variety of Indian food
If you’ve become tired of the same kind of food and are looking to experience something new, Bombay at the Beach may just be the place for you. Named after the largest city in India (before the name changed to Mumbai in 1995), this restaurant is filled …
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Indian, Chinese foods share love of chilies and seafood
When it comes to food, India and China have more in common than you might think. Both harbor a deep love of ear-tingling chilies, vast quantities of garlic and seafood. That’s probably why Chinese food has found its way into the hearts of Indians. All …
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For Chinese New Year, find affinity in Indian, Chinese foods
That’s probably why Chinese food has found its way into the hearts of Indians. All across India, you’ll find entire sections of Indian restaurant menus dedicated to Chinese dishes, many of which have achieved cult status, including “manchow soup …
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BWW Review: DOSAI for Delicious South Indian Cuisine in NYC
Welcome to Dosai located in Curry Hill, an area well known for Indian restaurants in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan. They have a delightful menu of South Indian Vegetarian cuisine that is also kosher. Renowned Chef, Hemant Mathur is behind …
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‘Maha crisis’ of chefs hits £4 bn Indian food industry in UK
Some years ago, the government encouraged EU migrants in the UK who have full rights to work–such as Poles, Romanians and Bulgarians–to train and work in the Indian food industry, but Indian owners say they do not–or cannot–acquire the right skills …
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Chef Vivek Singh: ‘London is better than Delhi for Indian food
Top chef Vivek Singh says London is better for Indian food than Delhi as the capital’s cooks are “more experimental” with his native cuisine. The executive chef for three of the city’s leading restaurants — The Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Kitchen and …
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cusineStill Got It: Gandhi Fine Indian Cuisine
When people say a restaurant is “unpretentious,” often they mean that it’s shitty in a way that makes them feel like they’re privy to something authentic, not necessarily that the food is good. Gandhi Fine Indian Cuisine—between its generic name …
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Indian food pinch: Fruit fly concern sends prices skyrocketing
Indian cuisine is facing a radically inflated market: A small but ubiquitous chile has become exceedingly hard to find due to concerns over a small but dangerous pest. Casual consumers might notice a slight difference in taste as chefs swap out the …
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Muslim fury as Aldi ‘halal’ black pudding made by Indian food firm contains pork
“While this is not a food safety or legal compliance issue, any customers who are not satisfied are welcome to return their purchase to store for a full refund.” However, customers were outraged that that neither Punjab Pakora nor Aldi had spotted the …
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