2018 Brake awards to recognise latest fleet safety innovations

2018 Brake awards to recognise latest fleet safety innovations
The deadline for entering is Friday 15 June 2018 and the winners will be announced on Thursday 11 October 2018 at a ceremony in Birmingham. To find out more details of the awards and how to enter, click here. To see a full list of last year’s award …
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Fujifilm to Showcase Hands-On Demonstrations of Industrial InkJet Innovations at the IPC Apex Expo
Fujifilm to feature industrial inkjet applications at the upcoming IPC APEX Expo, known as the ‘electronics manufacturing industry event of the year,’ at the San Diego Convention Center, February 27 through March 1, 2018. The IPC APEX Expo is dedicated to …
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Medtech Accelerator’s funding for NHS innovations hits £670k
15 February 2018 – Medtech Accelerator, a joint venture with NHS innovation hub Health Enterprise East (HEE), has recently confirmed the outcome of its second round of funding. Figures reveal that a total of £670,000 has now been awarded by Medtech …
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Inclusive Innovations

Inclusive Innovations
Only a small fraction of women in rural India have a bank account, reinforcing existing gender inequity. Without access to financial services, women miss out on government benefits, like cash transfers. Alternative for India Development (AID) delivers …
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Modern innovations revolutionize the sports world
Hopkins junior tennis player Colin Muraika in September. Over the last decade or so, developments in technology have completely revolutionized the sports world, and new advances continue to improve circumstances for players, coaches and referees.
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History and innovations of Mercedes-Benz coloring book. Full edition
Compilation of 200+ unique Mercedes-Benz historical and modern day facts. But do not forget this is a coloring book. From 1904 to 2025 you will find a list of more than 60 the most tremendous Mercedes-Benz vehicles to color. Pages are printed on one …
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Gun Gamers: Odin Innovations M12

Gun Gamers: Odin Innovations M12
It looks like the Gun Gamers are converts to the Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloader. Watch E House tell you what he thinks on this speedloader for M4 AEG magazines… “I swear this video wasn’t sponsored, I just really like this product.
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12 Awesome Berlin Food Innovations you need to know
Berlin is our culinary wonderland with so many interesting new places, products and projects popping up all the time that bring pleasure to our tastebuds. We teamed up with the Berlin Foodie Guide – the new culinary platform from our partner Priceless …
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Cell Culture Media market Aims Bigger with Healthcare Innovations 2023
A cell culture medium is a growth medium designed to support the growth of cells. A cell culture medium is composed of appropriate composition of amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts, glucose, serum, etc. It may contain additional supplementary factors …
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Samsung Introduces New Innovations that Matter In Cleaning

Samsung Introduces New Innovations that Matter In Cleaning
Samsung Electronics, a global leader in home appliance innovations, announced two significant additions to its laundry lineup for 2016, both of which feature intuitive and clever design changes that translate into big benefits for consumers. These new …
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8 Innovations for Smart Hotel Rooms of Today
Most of these are for hotel rooms of today, smart incremental improvement in guest experience and hotel room efficiency. The Hotel Room of the Future will need a lot more than this. Everyone — from the big chains to the small indies — in the hotel …
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Why Innovations Are Arguments
Too many executives confuse what an innovation is with what an innovation would do for them if they had one. The solution? Think of innovation as an if-then argument. Attend almost any conference on innovation, and one will hear someone in the audience ask …
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TrendsFive important laptop innovations you probably don’t think about
Innovation and technology go hand-in-hand, but what makes the headlines isn’t always what’s important. New processors, video cards and displays are great to geek out about, but there are other, less well-known advancements that have made, or are making …
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Finding a Lower-Risk Path to High-Impact Innovations
The pursuit of major innovations is often seen as a risky endeavor. However, there is a lower-risk way to commercialize certain types of high-impact innovations — by viewing initial applications as “lily pads” that a company can reach before leaping …
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The best innovations of 2013
At times, 2013 seemed like a science fiction movie come to life. The new DARPA Atlas bots seemed to be inspired from the “Terminator” film franchise, Stewart Brand’s concept of “de-extinction” seemed to be lifted directly from the storyline of …
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Why Innovations Are Arguments
Too many executives confuse what an innovation is with what an innovation would do for them if they had one. The solution? Think of innovation as an if-then argument. Attend almost any conference on innovation, and one will hear someone in the audience ask …
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Innovations that could change manufacturing
The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) (www.sme.org) has a new initiative called Innovations That Could Change The Way You Manufacture. This member-driven initiative outlines the emerging technologies that are making a positive impact on manufacturing.
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Clay Christensen: The Wrong Kind of Innovation
In other words, keeping costs down and cash flow positive, while devoting little or no funding to future innovations, has become the norm at too many American corporations. And that lack of investment in disruptive (or “empowering,” as Christensen …
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trendMarijuana Innovations Light Up The Industry
The ballots are in and Massachusetts, California, Maine, and Nevada all voted in favor of recreational marijuana. Several other states made provisions for or expanded current provisions for medical marijuana. With pot on its way to being legalized in all …
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8 Innovations for Smart Hotel Rooms of Today
and the winning services/products will be tested and researched in three “Tomorrow’s Guestrooms” at Hotel Icon for six months. Most of these, as you will see below, are smart but incremental innovations for today, and the near tomorrow.
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Deal: Sky Innovations Smartwatch for
This stylish and bargain-priced timepiece packs a bunch of high tech features on your wrist. In fact, it’s a complete phone, camera, music player, pedometer, sleep monitor, calendar, and address book in one. With a GSM MicroSIM card, you can use it to …
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trendAvid Launches Music Creation & Cloud Enabled Collaboration Innovations for Pro Tools
Avid today announced a new version of its fully cloud-enabled Pro Tools application, the industry-leading digital audio workstation software used by award-winning artists and the largest media companies in the world. Powered by the MediaCentral …
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Chemical Fertilizers Market Aims Bigger with Technological Innovations
This report gives an in-depth analysis of Chemical Fertilizers industry in India. Fertilizers are any solid, liquid or gaseous substances containing one or more plant nutrients. They are either applied to the soil, directly on the plant or added to …
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A World Transformed: What Are the Top 30 Innovations of the Last 30 Years?
Imagine this is 1979: If you were reading this article back then, chances are you would have read it on paper — with a printed newspaper or magazine in your hands. Today, you are probably reading it on a desktop computer, a laptop (or as a printout from …
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Demand for innovations, creative ideas keeps growing – Irwan Serigar

trendDemand for innovations, creative ideas keeps growing – Irwan Serigar
KUALA LUMPUR: The demand for innovations and creative ideas is growing in line with the changing lifestyles of the people, said Ministry of Finance Secretary-General, Tan Sri Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah. He said the cake for innovation and creativity …
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New innovations in barbing that could impact your business
Do you own barber shops or saloons? If so, you are sitting on billions of dollar global business. Barbing shop But, how much money you are making from the business depends on professionalism, location and innovation/ technology you bring into the operation.
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Guidotti to Become Director of Learning Innovations for Somers
SOMERS, N.Y. – Looking to blend cutting-edge technology with leading-edge educational concepts, Somers school officials have created a new position called director of innovations in learning. Somers High School’s assistant principal, Kevin Guidotti, will …
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Ten things we learned at Grocery Innovations Canada

trendTen things we learned at Grocery Innovations Canada
More than 4,000 retailers and other industry professionals attended the two-day Grocery Innovations Canada (GIC) conference at Toronto’s Congress Centre this week. Hosted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers, the conference focused on all …
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TOBACCO TO UPC: History Hub exhibit looks at Bull City innovations
DURHAM — The cigarette rolling machine, the universal pricing code and the child safety cap are among the inventions that have their origins in Durham, and are featured in a new exhibit at the Museum of Durham History titled “I is Innovation.”
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Hunterdon residents back U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance | Feedback
This is not an uncommon story. After all this loss, I brought my story to Rep. Lance and I could see his concern to find cures and innovations for many such terrible diseases. I also became aware through Rep. Lance’s office that there are many laws that …
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