Food in Morocco

Food in Morocco
Food in Morocco is delicious! Beef is the most eaten meat, although chicken comes close behind. Lamb is also eaten, but for religious reasons, pork is not. Since there are many cities along the shore of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, fish is …

Where the wild vegetables are: Moroccan food from the forest
Morocco – Winter has arrived here in Morocco. From December to March, there is a lot of rain (more than the rest of the year) – and widespread availability of wild vegetables. Although wild foods, especially wild vegetables, have held an important place …
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10 Foods To Try In Morocco
Morocco has a strong culinary tradition, which draws from centuries of Arab, Spanish, French and Berber influence in the country, and Morocco’s historical position at the end of various African spice routes. Its signature dishes, which were largely …


3 Must-Try Foods in Morocco

3 Must-Try Foods in Morocco
Morocco’s cuisine is cooked with a number of subtle spices and unusual flavour combinations, all of which contribute greatly to a number of delicious and authentic traditional dishes that are consumed daily throughout the country. The country’s cuisine …

Celebrate: Moroccan Eid al-Adha
Semo, a chef at Semo’s Modern Moroccan Cuisine in Mooloolaba, is joined by his Sri Lankan-born wife, Jawan, and their children, Ayesha and Tariq. “Today is a big day for us and the food is a big part of that,” says Semo, who arrived in Australia in 1991.
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How Will Morocco’s Jews Be Remembered?
Writing about her time there at JNS, she ponders on the legacy left by the Moroccan Jewish community: I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. There I was, an Orthodox Israeli Jew, at a 500-year-old synagogue in Marrakesh, distributing food …


Little Morocco brings a taste of North Africa

cusineLittle Morocco brings a taste of North Africa
Irving, after seeing a huge Moroccan-shaped hole in the area’s food life, started perfecting Moroccan pastries, making them from memory, batch after batch and Iowa-to-Morocco phone call after phone call until getting an end product that really tasted …

Argan Bistro: Moroccan cuisine in Vancouver
Argan Bistro, formerly known as Moroccan West, serves up delicious Moroccan food. Executive Chef Nourdine Majdoubi brings rich flavours of Moroccan cuisine to life from his hometown Agadir, a southern Morocco’s coastal tourist town. They serve lunch …
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In Pictures: US Ambassador at Moroccan-American Food Week
Rabat -During the Moroccan-American food week that ended Saturday in Rabat, US ambassador to Morocco Dwight L. Bush expressed his love for Moroccan cuisine. Bush named a number of his favorite Moroccan dishes. On top comes the “Meshwi,” (meat …
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