Levels and trends in child mortality 2015

Levels and trends in child mortality 2015
The United Nations Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation (UN-IGME) updates child mortality estimates annually for monitoring progress. This report presents the UN-IGME’s latest estimates, up to year end of 2015, of under-five, infant and …
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2008 has been an incredible year for green transportation as the world’s automakers made strident efforts to green their production lines, cities decided that it’s time to give our car-centric lifestyle a much needed rethink, and some incredible new …
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The 5 Biggest Fitness Trends to Watch For In 2017
What better way to hop on the bandwagon than to dig into the hottest new fitness trends? The experts over at the American Council on Exercise ranked their predictions for 2017, from studio fitness to health-care costs. Here, the top five you should look …
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