How Much Video Gaming Is Too Much for Kids?

How Much Video Gaming Is Too Much for Kids?
TUESDAY, Sept. 27, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Playing video games might improve a child’s motor skills, reaction time and even academic performance, but new research shows that too much gaming can be linked to social and behavioral problems. Spanish …
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Detox For Video Game Addiction?
At an addiction treatment center in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, teenagers and young adults begin detox by admitting they are powerless over their addiction. But these addicts aren’t hooked on drugs or alcohol. They are going cold turkey to break their …
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GAMR: A Video Game ETF For All-Pro Investors
You don’t need to ever hold a controller, flip on a console or have your Kinect creepily follow you across the room to appreciate video gaming. All you have to do is love money. Video gaming is a rapid-growth tech industry that’s seeing its fortunes simply …
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How much video game time should kids get?

How much video game time should kids get?
Kids who play video games much more than an hour a day may experience behavior problems, a Spanish study suggests. Children who limit gaming time to an hour or two a week, however, may experience cognitive benefits such as faster responses to visual cues.
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Reggie Miller blames millennials for lack of defense in All-Star Game
But, he says, part of the reason they aren’t is due to the fact the NBA is made up of a newer generation of players, or the “video game generation.” “That’s what we saw last night was a video game,” Miller said. “It’s all scoring and there’s no defense.
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10 most controversial violent video games
“I think of it as a teenage shooter game that tries to get attention by being gross, obscene and sexually charged,” video-game contributor Larry Frum wrote when it was released. “It is funny at first, but after a while, it becomes tired.”
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Moore Food: Try Greek dolmades & much more at Taste STL

cusineMoore Food: Try Greek dolmades & much more at Taste STL
ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Chef Georgios Kastanias and his guests are ready for this weekend’s Taste of St. Louis taking place Saturday and Sunday at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. Today we learn see how to make Greek dolmades from Michael’s Bar & Grill …
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Anderson celebrates Greek culture
The traditional Greek food is the main reason the festival draws anywhere from 3,500 to 4,000 people a year. While people ate hand-held foods outside, visitors also could get meat and vegetable plates inside the Civic Center. There’s a personal touch to …
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The 8 Best Foods to Get You Through a Breakup
A priceless fisherman?s secret! My father doesn?t cook. He loves food, he almost lives for eating, but he doesn?t go to the kitchen that often. My mother is an… Greek Style Roasted Mushrooms with Red Pepper, Her… These Greek-Style Roasted Mushrooms …


Asparagus Recipes: 28 Soups, Tarts And So Much More

cusineAsparagus Recipes: 28 Soups, Tarts And So Much More
But you’ve done steamed. Boiled is old hat. Hollandaise on top is a classic, but … you’re ready to up your asparagus game. And we’ve got you covered, with 28 different ways to enjoy this versatile vegetable. You’ll have to act quickly, because …
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Cuppa Joe cafes offer soups, more
Cuppa Joe cafes offer soups, more. Sandwiches, soup and sweets at Kickapoo Coffee Cafe in the Third Ward and the Steaming Cup in Waukesha are reasons to pause awhile. Showing item 1 of 9. View Photo Grid. Carol Deptolla: Cuppa Joe cafes offer …
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8 all-you-can-eat soups and more at our 5th Annual Soupathon
Come and enjoy eight all-you-can-eat soups, salad and delicious homemade cookies as well as tastings of additional soups all with an international flair. This year’s theme is Soups of our Heritage, featuring soups our ancestors brought to this country …
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MusiquePlus relaunches, with music plus much more

musicMusiquePlus relaunches, with music plus much more
Pop de Jam, which starts Aug. 28, will have two younger artists hook up with a Québécois musical legend in each episode. The new-generation musicians will perform a famous track from the icon’s catalogue. The first episode will feature Patrice Michaud …
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Iggy Azalea calls out Nick Young and the Lakers
… he has a completely different demeanor off the court. In a recent interview with Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy, pop star Iggy Azalea revealed that she and Young are engaged, but not without hesitation on Young’s part. Azalea imitates a …
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Celebrities who should get their own reality shows
New reality shows pop up all the time and many of them fail because they’re simply not interesting enough. A ‘good’ reality show only needs to be one thing – full of drama. Here are local celebrities who could make some real money from all the drama in …
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Van Isle 360 Update: Downwind ocean sailing and so much more

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Van Isle 360 Update: Downwind ocean sailing and so much more
Gripping the mainsheet, I had one eye trained on the knotmeter and one ahead towards the infamous Race Rocks. The westerly breeze had steadily built into to mid-20s to low 30s and with an ebbing tide, the waves were stacking up. Under full main and 4A …
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Unique sailboat docked on Milwaukee’s lakefront
The Areté, the largest boat ever racing in the Great Lakes, is docked outside Discovery World in Milwaukee. The 60-foot long and 61 1/2-foot wide sail boat, with a 100-foot tall mast, will be racing in the Queen’s Cup race from South Shore Yacht Club …
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Ocean Racing reporter Matt Knighton back on land, ready for Chicago Race to
CHICAGO — Matt Knighton has spoken to WGN a few times these past few months, but he’s always joined us live on a boat, from the middle of nowhere. That’s because he has a cool job: He was the on-board reporter for Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing in the Volvo …
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