Latest Brewing News

Commercial brewing vs. homebrewing
This week, Chad and Ben wrote about the fun they had at the Shmaltz Brewing Company grand opening party. I, too, was there, but instead of writing about beers and such, I’ll tell you about thoughts sparked by the event. First, I want to share a link to a …
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Colorado brewery supercharges Perrin Brewing’s rise
COMSTOCK PARK, Mich. — A young brewery here that pioneered the grapefruit IPA and created a top-flight imperial porter has experienced supercharged growth since Colorado’s second-largest craft brewery acquired it. Randy Perrin co-founded Perrin …
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Burnt City Brewing blossoms from the ashes of Atlas Brewing
Atlas Brewing Co. had a problem. Actually, it had two problems. The first was increasingly common in an ever-crowded craft beer industry: a naming dispute. In 2012, a Washington, D.C., brewery called Atlas Brew Works filed paperwork toward trademarking its …
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Latest Jazz Fusion News

John Abercrombie, influential jazz guitarist of the ’70s fusion scene, dies at 72
John Abercrombie, an influential jazz guitarist and composer who came to prominence in the 1970s with a lyrical, improvisatory style that applied the swagger of rock-and-roll to the loose rhythms of jazz, died Aug. 22 at a hospital in Cortlandt, New York.
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Folk Jazz fusion at Musicmatters Festival
Music is an expression of ideas and emotions in significant forms, through rhythm, melody and harmony. At the Musicmatters Festival this year, this delightful mode of expression was amplified. It was a converging point where musicians across the globe …
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Music: Secret Of Mana Composer Hiroki Kikuta Releases Prog Rock And Jazz Fusion Albums
Composer Hiroki Kikuta is responsible for some of the best gaming soundtracks ever, with Seiken Densetsu II (Secret of Mana), Seiken Densetsu III and Koudelka under his belt. He’s currently creating music for the Kickstarter title Indivisible by Lab Zero …
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Latest Cuban Foods News

A Cuban food tradition where none exists
All the cops on the popular television show Dexter take their coffee and buy their lunch from a food truck parked outside police headquarters. The mobile canteen serves Cuban food, a detail that lines up with the showâ s setting in Miami. The detail is …
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La Yuma authentic Cuban restaurant is open; Serving traditional Cuban cuisine with full bar
TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Renowned chef/restaurateur Pepe Diaz and his family bring traditional, family-friendly Cuban American cuisine to their newest full-service bar and restaurant venture – La Yuma. Located at 16411 North …
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The Mad Cuban whips up delicious Memorial Day cuisine with cultural exploration
World class chef and “Mad Cuban” Carl Ruiz joined Mike Opelka on “Pure Opelka” Friday to help you spice up your Memorial Day with delicious grill fare. Ruiz is head chef of Marie’s Deli in New Jersey and makes frequent appearances on the Food …
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Latest Star Gazing News

Hypervelocity Stars are ‘Runaways’ from Large Magellanic Cloud, Astronomers Say
Hypervelocity stars — ultrafast stars with speeds up to a few hundred miles per second above the average — were likely ejected from the Large Magellanic Cloud, a neighboring dwarf galaxy some 160,000 light-years away, say astronomers at the University …

Astronomy Day celebrated with public star party
As children we are all taught of famous explorers like Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, and Lewis and Clark, and we ourselves entertain the thought of one day sailing away as well to a land yet to be discovered. Then one day we learn that every land is …
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5 Soccer Stars Who Have Minor Planets Named After Them
Some players just transcend the game. Others transcend the planet. While most astronomical objects discovered in the past couple decades have been given boring names with nothing more than an assortment of letters and numbers, a select few are given names …


Latest Movies News

Free movies on YouTube
Tired of watching clinically insane people do stupid things on YouTube? Horrified that this is the future of our society? Well Sony Pictures is helping diversify the content on YouTube. According to Bloomberg (the website not the mayor), Sony is in talks …
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Talking Movies
Tom Brook is a New York-based journalist who has reported on film and the movie industry for BBC News since 1985. He has presented Talking Movies on BBC World News since 1999. His regular column, The Reel World, also appears in BBC Culture. Talking Movies …
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2017 horror movies
Long-delayed eighth film in the gory horror series is a sequel, NOT a reboot. With the success of ‘Get Out’ and ‘Split,’ and the likelihood of ‘It’ becoming a box office smash, horror cinema seems to be seeing a resurgence in critical and …
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Latest Wine Tastings News

Wine tasting room etiquette
With Memorial Day weekend being the official celebration of the arrival of summer, wineries — both locally and across the country — are gearing up for the busy visitation season. First thing to keep in mind when visiting a winery tasting room is to …
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The definitive glossary of wine tasting terms
There’s a lot of ego in wine speak, both on the part of eager oenophiles who want to assert their expertise and occasional wine drinkers who keep mum for fear of saying the wrong thing. For those who identify with the latter, this glossary of wine …
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Wine tasting 101: Keep an open mind
Tasting wine seriously can feel inaccessible when everyone’s picking out the flavors of Marionberry jam and mushrooms and baking spice and you taste … grapes. “Wine can have a feeling of austerity. It’s too heady, it’s intimidating,” said Tom Gerrie …
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Latest Women’s Basketball News

Dustdevils women’s basketball schedule released
Entering his second season as the head women’s basketball coach at Texas A&M International, Jeff Caha announced the 2017-18 season schedule Tuesday. The Dustdevils have 28 regular season games with eight of those being played against teams that qualified …
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How UConn women’s basketball became synonymous with winning
The UConn Women’s basketball team hasn’t lost a game since 2014. That streak — 100 straight games — has never been approached by any other NCAA team — male or female. William Brangham talks to Christine Brennan of USA TODAY about this groundbreaking …
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UConn women’s basketball bringing strong ratings for SNY
SNY always has been known primarily as the home of the Mets, but this winter its second most visible partner has been making a bit of a stir. Connecticut’s women’s basketball team had won 106 games in a row as of Monday morning. The monumental streak …
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Latest Exotic Cars News

Luxury and Exotic Cars
The Geneva motor show has given Europe’s car producers a chance to show off their plans for even more luxury vehicles and prestige brands. Although the top end of the car business has remained lucrative, a proliferation of posh models is starting to …
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Free Car Maintenance From U.S. Luxury Models
When you’re shopping for a new car, of course you compare models for price, incentives and gas mileage. But how about the cost of routine maintenance, which, according to, can total $ 1,000 over four years? Turns out, you can now avoid …
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Luxury Cars of the New York Auto Show
As part of our ongoing efforts to make better, faster, and easier for you to use, we’ve temporarily removed comments as well as the ability to comment. We’re testing and reviewing options to possibly bring comments back. As always …
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Latest Competitive Swimming News

Sorority founded in Indianapolis makes history with sponsorship of international swimming competition
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Swimmers from nearly 100 countries are in Indianapolis trying to make their Olympic dreams come true. They’re competing in the FINA World Junior Championships in hopes of representing their country in the 2020 Olympics. But in the …
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Lance Armstrong’s Career May Finally Be Over After Being Barred From A Swimming Competition
Lance Armstrong had planned to return to competitive sports this week in a Masters swimming event. But according to Juliet Macur of The New York Times, the International Swimming Federation has stepped in and barred Armstrong from the event, which could …
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Girls swimming: Cramer, Dammen help Red Hawks win home invite
The Milton girls swim team won its home invitational, dominating the competition with 267 team points, besting both Jefferson/Cambridge (216) and Stoughton (214) on Saturday at Milton High School. Milton’s 200-yard medley relay of Danielle Cramer …
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Latest Collectibles News

Pokémon drove 27.8% growth in collectibles sales for GameStop last quarter
Gaming sales are slowing down at GameStop, but the company is quickly transitioning into a one-stop shop for hardcore enthusiasts who want more than just the games. GameStop‘s collectibles business rose to $ 212.4 million last quarter, which is a year …
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Mayer museum closed for good, collectibles to be auctioned off in Glendale
GLENDALE, AZ – Items from a historic Arizona museum are up for auction after it was forced to close due to recent flooding. EJ’s Auction and Consignment in Glendale, near 59th Avenue and Bell Road, will have several collectibles from Smitty’s Antiques …
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Race To Comic Shops For September’s DC Collectibles
Capture The Joker in all his villainous complexity! Choose from eight different head expressions that range from deliriously happy to seriously deranged as well as five pairs of hands, trademark weaponry, a duck floaty toy and a trench coat that makes a …