Getting personal with your pets: Manlius Vet makes house calls

Getting personal with your pets: Mvkaplan9tvf-2-webanlius Vet makes house calls
Central New York now has a veterinarian that’s making house calls. If you want to avoid the stress of going to see the vet, Dr. John Shokoff will come to you. Armed with his office on wheels, Shokoff owns All Pets Veterinary Home Care, which provides the …
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Topical non-pharmaceutical cosmetic, personal and pet care products with chiral technology and methods of formulating and manufacturing the same
Title: Topical non-pharmaceutical cosmetic, personal and pet care products with chiral technology and methods of formulating and manufacturing the same. Abstract: As disclosed herein, a series of compounds that are not generally intended for …

P&G sharpens focus on personal care and household by exiting pet care
Procter & Gamble has exited the pet food category with the sale of the final 10% stake of its remaining interest to consumer products company Spectrum Brand Holdings. The deal will see Spectrum take over the IAMS and Eukanuba brands in Europe for an …
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Why Apartments Ban Pets, Allow Service Animals
Landlords used to ban dogs, cats and other pets from apartment buildings due to the damage, odor, noise, liability risk and other concerns. Continue Reading Below But these days, some apartment buildings seem to house more pets than people. Three trends …
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Pet Birds Need Personal Grooming Aids Too
Birds in the wild can groom their nails, or claws, on the rough branches of trees. They can bathe in the rain, the ocean, bay, or brook. But what about pet birds? They also have a natural need to groom themselves. I found two items from Polly’s Pet …
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Why Create a Personal Website?
What is a Personal Website? What Makes It Personal? A personal website is a group of Web pages that someone creates about themselves. It basically contains things that are personal. It doesn’t have to be about you, and it doesn’t have to contain personal …


On Bass: Drummers Get Personal

musicOn Bass: Drummers Get Personal
Drummer Miles McPherson says the ability to be great as a bassist without having a great drummer is almost non-existent. There’s only one person who really has a clue about what us bassists should be doing— more so than all the people who are usually …
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Khol and the gang: 15,000 Indians play traditional drums for 15 minutes in attempt to set record for largest percussion ensemble
These extraordinary pictures show how a huge group of percussionists attempted to break the world record for the largest ensemble of drummers. The drummers wore traditional Assamese attire yesterday to play a percussion instrument known as the khol …
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Helen Mirren, as the Queen, Scolds Drummers
Dressed as Queen Elizabeth, actress Helen Mirren stunned a band of street drummers into silence after she gave them a royal lashing for disturbing her performance on stage in London’s West End. “I’m afraid there were a few ‘thespian’ words used. They got a …
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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????What Would Happen to Your Pet if Personal or Regional Tragedy Struck? Love Your Pet? Make a Plan
There were dogs that did not get walked in Paris last night. Cats who didn’t get fed. And while this may seem like a small thing in the wake of the lives lost, the families bereaved, the children whose lives will never be the same, and the national (and …
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10 Outrageously Expensive Halloween Costumes for Pets
Halloween is just around the corner, and pet owners are scrambling for the cutest and most hilarious costumes for their furry friends. While most pet owners will spent $ 20 or less on pet costumes at most retailers like Petco, others will drop hundreds on …
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Cuman personal tracking devices for persons, pets or products
April 14, 2009 While Orwell’s 1984 suggested that human surveillance and tracking would be an integral part of a dystopian future, the reality looks to be quite different, with people quickly embracing GPS technology and the myriad of uses such …
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trendPets Best Insurance Offers Personal Health Record to 600,000 Veterinarians and Pet Owners Nationwide
MyMedicalRecords is the only Personal Health Record that covers all members of a family including pets at no additional cost. The offer appears in more than 600,000 e-mails to vets and consumers starting this week, and is featured on the Pets Best website …
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Pets prove the high cost of unconditional love
Monthly pet budgets of Dh2,000 or more were bandied about as the norm along with pet personal trainers and collars adorned with rhinestones or even Swarovski crystals. At the Pampered Pets stand, a luxury boutique in Dubai Marina, owner Samir Shroff …
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A how-to on pet adoption
… realize that caring for a pet in your independent adult life is much different from caring for that pet in your childhood. There are many new personal and financial responsibilities that you may want to consider before signing the adoption papers …
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A leader’s guide to the Personal Fitness merit badge

trendA leader’s guide to the Personal Fitness merit badge
For many Scouts, the Personal Fitness merit badge is one of the last speed bumps — or roadblocks — on the journey to the Eagle Scout Award. In the hands of an effective merit badge counselor, however, it can be more of an on-ramp to a lifetime of …
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Columbus personal trainers use fitness to tackle stress of being bullied
“It’s an outlet for the youth to, pretty much get stress off of them, and things that might be bothering them, instead of holding it in, or they can’t voice it to their parents or their friends so fitness is a great lifestyle change,” said Nettie Marie …
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Xiaomi Mi Band Review — A Personal Fitness Monitor You Can Afford
NEW YORK (TheStreet) — What’s approximately an inch and a half long, a half inch wide and could turn out to be a big worry for Apple’s (AAPL – Get Report) new watch, Google’s (GOOG) Android Wear devices and personal fitness bands from Fitbit, Jawbone …

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trendPets and Wildlife Calendar: Feb. 7 and beyond
Women on Common Ground: Series of naturalist-led programs for women who love the outdoors but whose concern for personal safety keeps them from enjoying local parks. For a schedule of events, call 510-544-3243 or email
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Orange County reports 80-percent increase in dogs with heartworms
“With preventative options readily available, it is incredibly saddening to see such an increase in the number of dogs suffering,” said Dil Luther, Division Manager of Orange County Animal Services. “Many of these dogs would make great family pets as …
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ConsumerWatch: Seniors Get Help From Virtual Animated Pets Backed By
SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — Eleanor has a real cat and a virtual dog. In addition to keeping her company, Pooki — a cute animated cartoon avatar — helps to care for the 93-year-old when her human caregivers aren’t around. Pooki even plays music and …
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Personal branding is no walk in the park

trendPersonal branding is no walk in the park
Eshita Prasanna is a professional photographer with an offbeat focus — her clients are pet owners and her main subjects are pets — and therefore she has to continually explain to the world what she does. She believes personal branding is …
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Marble Falls fire, EMS crews now equipped to save pets‘ lives
Schwake and Szymonek didn’t have personal stories of a pet’s life being saved by the masks but knew of other departments that had used them successfully. In Lockhart, for example, Szymonek said Invisible Fence donated kits to the department that came …
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Neurotic people make better pet ‘parents’
Delgado and Reevy recruited male and female pet owners of all ages Craigslist, their personal Facebook pages, and pet-related pages on the Reddit news and social networking site. Nearly 40 percent of those surveyed said they liked dogs and cats equally …
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trendMy Pet World:
A. Dogs always leave their business cards wherever they do business, expressing lots of personal information in their “product.” And also suggesting that their “address” belongs to a specific dog. By circling three times, a dog tramples the grass a bit …
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Why Petco did a smart thing by banning all pet foods made in China Pet owners have long complained that cat and dog treats imported from China have made their pets sick. Though officials haven’t been able to determine cause and effect, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued periodic warnings about it …  Read more on


Older Pets Make Great Additions to Your Family
Pets are often surrendered because of changes to a family’s financial situation, or because a family member develops allergies. Grown up cats make fantastic pets. They are still … Super D personal 3D viewing station. Stream content from your phone to it.
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