5 Ways Pop Culture Has Transformed Photography

5 Ways Pop Culture Has Transformed Photography
Thanks to the ever improving quality of smartphone cameras and photo-sharing social media outlets like Instagram, everyone is now a photographer. Instagram filters and editing apps like Snapseed and VSCO Cam allow users to quickly create sometimes quite …
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Action figure & toy models photography tips
Action figure / toy photography is a relatively new genre of photography that has risen in popularity in recent years. Photos often feature well-known characters in unusual situations, or playing characters from different ‘universes’ off against one another.
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13 Tips For Beautiful & Tempting iPhone Food Photography
Food makes an excellent subject for still life iPhone photography, and you can achieve some incredibly artistic results. But great food photography means more than just snapping what’s on your dinner plate. Just like any other photography genre, there …
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Evan Sharboneau Trick Photography And Special Effects Review (Ebook FAQ And PDF Download Guide)

hdr2Evan Sharboneau Trick Photography And Special Effects Review (Ebook FAQ And PDF Download Guide)
Trick Photography And Special Effects 2 is a digital product and can be downloaded instantly after purchase in PDF (ebook) format or viewed online. The complete system includes PDF guides and video tutorials. Trick Photography And Special Effects 2 is …
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Guide to Composition in Photography 20 Tips
Improve your photographic composition by following these guidelines. There are no unbreakable rules when it comes to how you should compose your photographs After all, who likes rules except for your old school principal or heads of H.R. departments?
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50 Inspirational Photography Logos
If you’re a freelance photographer, or are involved in a photo festivals or studio, there’s no shortage of photography logos to inspire you. Though photographers aren’t logo designers, they are creatives with their own style which tends to be …
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Latest Photography News

Great Movies About Photography
The passion around photography can be triggered by many sources available in life. One such source is the great stories about other photographers. The most visual form to get in touch with a story is with the wonderful world of film. Thanks to movies and …
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HereNorth Photography
A traveling wedding photographer rooted in the northeast, I work with you to bring a still, raw, authentic beauty to your images that tell the history of your love, while making the process as smooth and relaxed as possible. what inspires you? With a …
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the best camera for street photography
What is the best camera for street photography? What do you recommend? That is the question I get asked most. In the last years I have been changing cameras a lot always in the search for the better on. In retrospect I can say gear swapping did not really …
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5 Unconventional Photography Services
Photography services are always in demand. If you’re a photographer, you have the ability to create a very successful work-at-home business by photographing a variety of events, besides the typical family photo shoots and senior pictures. This can allow …
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Photography and Ideology
We tend to read things into pictures that aren’t really there, and we then criticize either their makers, those depicted, or the context in which they can be found for their flaws, without considering our own role. However valid that criticism might be …
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16 Photography Projects for 2016
At the start of every year, or sometimes in the middle of one, a photographer, or mom with a camera decides that their goal is to improve their photography. One of the best ways to start is to start one of the many photography projects out there.
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Flying drone with cameraScientists expose security flaws in drones
Watkins said he hopes the studies serve as a wake-up call so that future drones for recreation, aerial photography, package deliveries and other commercial and public safety tasks will leave the factories with enhanced security features already on board …
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The Next Revolution in Photography Is Coming
It’s time to stop talking about photography. It’s not that photography is dead as many have claimed, but it’s gone. Just as there’s a time to stop talking about girls and boys and to talk instead about women and men so it is with photography …
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Jeff Bezos Reveals Blue Origin Launch Date to Test Parachute Failure
Mike Brown is a London-based writer with a passion for tech, politics, and photography. After studying Journalism at Columbia University in New York, he returned to the UK to cover the news as it happens around Europe. His work has been featured in IBTimes …
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trendTalking Business: Little Creek Photography & Design Studios
Currey and her husband, Josh Currey, last year opened Little Creek Photography & Design Studios, a Longview “share studio” that photographers can rent out at hourly or daily rates. “If you love photography or you’re a photographer and you don’t have a …
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7 Questions for an Accidental Pioneer of Street Style Photography
Long before “street style” as we now know it, photographer Jamel Shabazz’s pictures captured a vital slice of urban life, of ’80s New York pre-Broken Windows. His prodigious, matter-of-fact photos are praised in equal measure as both the purview of hip …
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Shaking Up Beauty Standards: A Photography Revolution on the Way?
Discovering his love for photography at a very young age, his curiosity led him to the darkroom at the age of ten. He moved from Miami to El Salvador, then Paris, and finally London in 2004. He was the main in-house photographer for Tigi Haicare for 11 …
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trend[NSFW] This Is Nuts: Meet the Penis Fashion Photographer
The next time you’re having a rough day thinking about how all your photography is looking the same, the competition is stiff, and bookings are down, remember that there are photographers out there taking pictures exclusively of the male anatomy and …
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Stunning Wildlife Photography by Mark Bridger | The Weather Channel
From red deer mid bellow to owls in flight, photographer Mark Bridger snaps photos of U.K. wildlife in action, capturing their interactions with the world around them. “I like to try to capture the character of the animal I’m photographing. Sometimes …
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Bonny Zanardi: Photography examines eating alone
Jeannette Ferrary’s food-obsessed street photography is on view in “Eating Alone” in the City Arts of San Mateo Gallery. A reception with the artist will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday. She wondered how a person feels when eating alone, if there was …
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Five World-Class Artists Talk About Why Photography Is Their Passion

trendFive World-Class Artists Talk About Why Photography Is Their Passion
As a part of the promotion for Photo London 2016, the exhibition team has put together a video with five fine art photographers who are interviewed about their love of photography. This short shows off some of their captivating work and really brings …
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Urbex Photography Taken to the Next Level: On Top of Christ the Redeemer
When looking at urbex photographer’s work, one can only wonder how they get in some places. Often these photographers will go to crazy locations just to get a single picture. Sometimes risking their life – or so it seems like – to get that adrenaline …
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Feature | Faces Of Photography: Walking The Line Between Art & Artifact
With the advent of digital photography, the act of constructing and recording life has become a language all its own as it can be created without cost in the hands of anyone who has a phone. Its very ubiquity demands a new level of discourse as our …
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Artist Feature: New spin on film photography

trendArtist Feature: New spin on film photography
Jack Harper: I really just do photography, for the most part. And before I actually decided to go to UC, I was debating whether or not to go to film school. I always just really liked the idea of photography, especially because it is hard to manipulate …
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McPherson College photography students featured in exhibit
McPHERSON — Eight student photographers from McPherson College will be featured in a new exhibition at a McPherson coffee house. Many pieces have been included in major regional exhibitions, including the 5 State Photography …
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Cook County commissioners vote down 000 photography contract for embattled
Cook County commissioners on Wednesday voted down spending an additional $ 37,000 on a photographer for Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown, the latest sign that the embattled veteran politician is not on the best of terms with her colleagues. Brown has …
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Top Photo Editing Apps for the Photography Enthusiast

trendTop Photo Editing Apps for the Photography Enthusiast
Steve Jobs prophesied the revolution of photography in his biography. “He had three things that he wanted to reinvent: the television, textbooks and photography. He really wanted to take these on,” revealed Walter Isaacson when he wrote about Jobs.
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How Much Do YOU Need to Earn to Do Photography Full Time?
How much would you need to earn to make photography a full-time job? On a recent visit to India, I was strolling through Mumbai’s colonial-era neighborhoods when I was approached by a young man with a Nikon DSLR and a backpack. He offered to take my …
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Photography Student Captures Stunning Images in Swaziland
Guttman, who was twice named Young Travel Photographer of the Year and a 3 Best Travel Photography Blogger by USA Today among other accolades, spent time this summer in Africa and returned with stunning images from the Kingdom of Swaziland.
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