Tebow won’t say retired, intrigued by coaching, politics

trendTebow won’t say retired, intrigued by coaching, politics
Tim Tebow will not call himself a retired football player though he could see himself as a future coach. A career in politics also could be appealing down the road. One thing is for sure, he’ll always be a Gator. The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner and former …
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Democrats renew push for gun bans, convinced mass shootings have changed politics
PHILADELPHIA — Fifteen years after they concluded that gun control was a losing issue for them, Democrats say it’s time for a rethink, convinced that a spate of mass shootings has changed the politics and left Americans clamoring for action. From the …
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Election 2016: Ricky Muir says farewell to politics…for now
Accidental senator Ricky Muir has bid a proud farewell to his rollercoaster ride in federal politics, happy that he “did not fall victim to the two-party political games” and reminding all voters that they are “entitled to a voice”. And while the 35-year …
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Retired principal revealed as $326 million Mega Millions winner

trendRetired principal revealed as 6 million Mega Millions winner
Gas station owner Mike Nayfash picked up a cool $ 10,000 for selling the winning ticket. His financial plans? “We already took care of that with my staff; they got nice Christmas bonuses with money for selling the ticket,” said Nayfash. The Diamonds …
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3 Critical Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
The more volatile and emotionally charged a situation is, the more imperative it is to keeps one’s cool. During emotionally charged and high tense situations, people with high EI are able to process information … People with a high EI make it a point …
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Man’s drone takes his interests to new heights
“It’s neat because people don’t really have hobbies anymore,” Tortorelli said. “I have many … “I’ve had friends fly into Boston and tell me how cool my spotlights look from above,” said Tortorelli of the large lights he sets up on weekends and for …
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