The 10 Best Guitarists Right Now

musicThe 10 Best Guitarists Right Now
It’s 2013. Music technology is more powerful and available than ever before, shaping popular music into something that is highly digital and synthesized. Yet some musicians who won’t give up their love of guitar are bringing it into the modern era.

100 Greatest Guitarists
So, Rolling Stone has rolled out one of those lists designed to spark controversy: “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.” They’ve also done it in the most annoying possible way: Every guitarist on his own page, to artificially inflate pageviews.
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Cate Le Bon & Tim Presley played Bowery Ballroom (pics, review)
She also just penned an editorial for The Guardian about the new guitar that St. Vincent designed with women in mind: Clark, easily one of the most technically brilliant and inventive guitarists, has taken the unaccommodating shape of the traditional …
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Hialeah, Lauderdale Lakes restaurants find right recipe for Cuban food and

cusineHialeah, Lauderdale Lakes restaurants find right recipe for Cuban food and
It’s not like South Florida has a shortage of Cuban restaurants or ones serving fried chicken and fish. But a pair of local chains — one relatively new, another more established — offer consistently good and inexpensive iterations of these two super …
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After years of embargo, Cuban food loses spice
A dozen years ago on New Year’s Day, I arrived in Cuba with a group of students from the University of Montana in tow. We were there on a hard-to-get educational permit. Our goal was to get a handle on the state of Cuba’s agriculture system, which …
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Photographer Geandy Pavón Puts A Face to Cuban Refugees In Costa Rica
The Ticos in La Cruz, which is a small, poor town are providing food and shelter for entire Cuban families in their homes. Apparently the Western Union has never seen so much money going into their office because of all the Cubans families in Miami …