New Ag-Tech Facility in Melbourne to Explore Use of AI, Robotics, Sensors in Farming

New Ag-Tech Facility in Melbourne to Explore Use of AI, Robotics, Sensors in Farming
Monash University is establishing an ag-tech facility in Melbourne’s southeast with the vision to innovate new smart farming techniques including automated harvesting and driverless vehicles in response to the growing challenges faced by the agriculture …
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Marshall High School Robotics Team receives 00 grant from Monsanto Fund
MARSHALL – Students at Marshall High School have found outside support as they use robots to build skills in science and engineering. The Monsanto Fund recently awarded a one-time $ 1,500 grant to Team M.O.R.E. (Marshall Owls Robotics and Engineering) to …
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Shaastrotsav Curtain Raiser Event – Robotics Workshop -Attracted Many Students
As the curtain raiser for Shaastrotsav – Festival of Science, a robotic workshop was conducted on 24th and 25th November. The Robotic Workshop for students was inaugurated by Indian Central School Principal Dr. Santha Maria James. In her speech Dr …


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McCollough Unis School to host state robotics match in Dearborn
Mentors and volunteers are sought for an upcoming state robotics match at McCollough Unis School. The FIRST Tech Challenge Michigan state qualifier match is set for Dec. 9 at the school, which is seeking mentors, sponsors and 150 volunteers to lend a hand …
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Local homeschoolers take top honors at area robotics competition
Texoma Home Educators, a team made up of homeschoolers in and around Grayson County and Fannin County, took top honors among 52 teams at last weekend’s BEST Robotics competition. The team garnered first place overall, third place robot, and top …
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Blockchain, Machine Learning, Robotics, AI and Wireless Technologies will reshape digital business in 2018
Dimension Data says Blockchain has immense potential to disrupt and transform the world of money, business, and society London, UK – 24 October 2017 – Blockchain, together with artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and virtual and …


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The Young CEOs Of Cobalt Robotics Are Making Robot Security Guards A Reality
Uproxx knows that science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines are driving the future of this planet forward. Every day, we see new ideas, fresh innovations, and bold trailblazers in these fields. Follow us this month as we highlight how …
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Robotics competition winners to go to states
QUEENSBURY — Queensbury High School hosted 27 high school robotics teams from several New York school districts all day Saturday. To compete in the second annual VEX Robotics competition, “StarStruck,” students had to develop a robot that is able to …
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NIH announces national robotics initiative awardees
Six projects have been awarded funding to develop robots that can interact and work cooperatively with people and respond to changing environments in a variety of healthcare applications, the National Institutes of Health, collaborating with three other …
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West Salem High wins big at robotics competition

West Salem High wins big at robotics competition
West Salem High wins big at robotics competition West Salem’s robotics team is now eligible to go to the world championships. Check out this story on
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Mining Robotics
The Technology Development Group of London miner Anglo American (LON: AAL) and Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute have reached a five-year agreement to explore and develop robotic technologies for mining applications. CMU’s National …
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The 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition
The FIRST Robotics Competition is an exciting, nationwide competition that teams professionals and young people to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way. For many years, the NASA Robotics Alliance Project has been supporting …
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Super Bowl of robotics makes STEM subjects exciting
(CNN)Forty-thousand fans were chanting, screaming and cheering on their teams. The enthusiastic spectators had painted faces, were donning costumes, and no one was actually sitting in their seats — all were standing to get a better look at the action …
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Students gear up for robotics competitions
To some, the pieces included in a robotics kit, yet to be assembled, are only a jumble of steel rails and gussets, wheels, sprockets, motors and colored wires. But for Leon County students who belong to robotics clubs, like OctoPiRates based at SAIL High …
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The Robotics Revolution
While many are surprised by the existing use of robotics, the pace of change won’t stop. We may have thousands now, but as one three-star U.S. Air Force general noted in my book Wired for War, very soon it will be “tens of thousands.” But the numbers …
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15 Must-See Robotics Startups at RoboBusiness 2016

15 Must-See Robotics Startups at RoboBusiness 2016
We like to call it the Shark Tank of robotics. Pitchfire takes place tonight at RoboBusiness 2016 at the San Jose Convention Center. Fifteen startups will have two minutes each to pitch their product to a panel of judges and to a packed room of …

Young Nigerian Robotics Engineer Creates High-Tech Battlebots
Remember the TV show Battlebots? A Nigerian, millennial-aged robotics engineer has launched a high-tech line of battling robots, infused with augmented reality. The robots can be operated via a smartphone. Two people can battle their robots against one …
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Robotics in motion
MSD: What are some of the latest trends in robotics these days, specifically for packaging and pick and place applications? John – QComp: Robots are being applied to many packaging areas that were once completely done by hand. One reason is that robot …


The Robotics Revolution: The Next Great Leap in Manufacturing

trendThe Robotics Revolution: The Next Great Leap in Manufacturing
Wider robotics adoption will boost manufacturing productivity by up to 30 percent. As a result of higher robotics use, average manufacturing labor costs are projected to be 33 percent lower in South Korea and 18 to 25 percent lower in China, Germany, the …

Key Trends in Robotics Development
Advances in hardware and software, from new processing paradigms to design and simulation, are changing the robotics landscape. Robots these days come in many shapes and sizes. Tough but nimble industrial robots on manufacturing lines do the heavy lifting …
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Developing America’s Next Leaders Through Robotics
In the world of high profile sports, we think about superstars, big scores, and supersized contracts. From high school through college all the way to the pros, kids dream of being a superstar. It’s less about team, and more often about “me.”
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trendEnergy Storage Provider Launches Drone, Robotics Technologies Contest
Energy storage solutions provider AES Corp. on Nov. 7 launched an open innovation contest targeted at improving the safety and increasing availability of power plants through unmanned inspections in extreme heat. “AES takes our mission of improving lives …
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The Rise Of Robots According To Robotics Pioneer Dr Hiroshi Ishiguro
Anyone who’s read a Philip K. Dick novel, watched the Terminator movies or tuned into Westworld or Humans, knows we’re merely counting down the days till we’re slaves to our new robot overlords. But Osaka University’s Dr Hiroshi Ishiguro is someone …
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Acutronic acquires Spanish robotics tech startup Erle
Erle Robotics, a robotics technology startup company incorporated in Spain’s Basque region, has been acquired by Acutronic Link Robotics, a Swiss company affiliated with the ACUTRONIC Group, specialised in precision motion simulation solutions.


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trendA List of 20 Publicly Traded Robotics Companies
Investing in themes like robotics, 3D printing, synthetic biology, or nanotechnology isn’t easy to do sometimes given that most truly disruptive technologies are in early stages and not so many investing opportunities exist for retail investors.

Key Trends in Robotics Development
Advances in hardware and software, from new processing paradigms to design and simulation, are changing the robotics landscape. Robots these days come in many shapes and sizes. Tough but nimble industrial robots on manufacturing lines do the heavy lifting …
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National Robotics Initiative invests million in next-generation robotics
(Nanowerk News) These mark the second round of funding awards made through the National Robotics Initiative (NRI) launched with NSF as the lead federal agency just over two years ago as part of President Obama’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Initiative.
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trendSpace Center Houston, NineSigma Announce Launch of NASA Space Robotics Centennial Challenge
Building homes on Mars and interplanetary travel are no longer the stuff of science fiction; the latest achievements in robotics are putting these dreams within our reach. Today, the science and space learning center Space Center Houston, innovation firm …
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Retired Savannah River Site inventor wins national robotics award
Because nuclear material processes aren’t something you want to handle bare-handed or up close and personal, inventors and engineering minds had to create safety systems to operate remotely. For his contributions to the robotics industry, Aiken resident …
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Google Snubs Robotics Rivals, Pentagon
The Pentagon is backing a robot-building contest that it hopes will bolster ties to companies outside its usual supplier base. But when 25 two-legged automatons face off in the finals later this year, the hottest company in the business won’t be there.
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