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California mudslides are a reminder of Colorado’s vulnerability
The images coming out of Santa Barbara County last week were awful. Having already endured the largest wildfire in recorded history in California, residents then faced fast moving debris flows, with mud and boulders and trees crashing through their …
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U.K. Dec. Inflation Rate Falls to 3%, Matching Median Estimates – Presented by: The Aol. On Network
Jan.16 — Larry Hatheway, Gam Group chief economist and head of investment solutions, discusses the U.K. CPI data report with Francine Lacqua on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” Please disable your ad blocker (or update your settings to ensure that javascript and …
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These Are the Scariest American Weapons That Donald Trump Could Use Against North Korea
North Korea has stepped up its nuclear program in recent years. And many Americans think that the insular nation just might end up launching a nuclear weapon. Donald Trump hasn’t shown a lot of restraint in talking about North Korea, and has become the …
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Science Photography

Science Photography
On January 7, 1839, an installation artist and chemist named Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre announced to the French Academy of Sciences in Paris that he had perfected a photographic imaging technology that could be used on a large scale and was reproducible.
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The Genius of Photography
In the course of our 170 year relationship, photography has delighted us, served us, moved us, outraged us and occasionally disappointed us. But mainly, it has intrigued us by showing the secret strangeness that lies beneath the world of appearances.
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These Tips Will Seriously Up Your Instagram Game
And no, these bloggers and photographers don’t have some Instagram fairy dust up their sleeves — what they do have is the inside scoop on what makes the perfect beauty-product shot. In hopes of nailing down a streamlined approach to iPhone photography …
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Margaret Panatera is named District Office Manager at Huff & Huff, Inc., a Subsidiary of GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Huff & Huff, Inc., a subsidiary of the leading environmental and geotechnical consulting firm, GZA, announces that Margaret Panatera P.E. has been named District Office Manager. Panatera has been a practice leader in environmental compliance, site …
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CRISPR Gene-Editing Might Cause Thousands of Unintended Mutations
Perhaps the largest medical breakthrough this side of the Human Genome Project has been the invention of CRISPR, a technique for rewriting entire sections of DNA. CRISPR lets scientists target specific sections of DNA and edit them however they want …
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Your Sort of Simple Guide to Building an Off-Grid Power System
Living in our Airstream, Artemis, power has been the number-one challenge. The daily-life stuff is easy to cope with: cooking is all done on propane; we avoid excessive appliances, with pour-over coffee and handheld espresso machines; and off-the-grid …
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trendWhat do Analysts suggest for: Amphenol Corporation (NYSE:APH)
Amphenol Corporation (NYSE:APH) reported its last earnings on Jun 16. The company will report its next earnings on 19-Oct-16. The company reported the earnings of $ 0.65/Share in the last quarter where the estimated EPS by analysts was $ 0.63/share.

‘America will take the giant leap to Mars’, Obama writes in op-ed
President Barack Obama says the United States is partnering with commercial companies to build “new habitats” to try to send humans safely to Mars within two decades. Obama set a goal in 2010 to send humans to Mars by the 2030s. He says the next step is to …
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Light earthquake: M4 quake has struck near Amahusu in Indonesia
A light earthquake magnitude 4 (ml/mb) has occurred on Tuesday, 249 km S of Amahusu, Indonesia (155 miles). The epicenter was at a depth of 395.45 km (246 miles). Exact location of earthquake, 127.8825° East, -5.9629° South, depth 395.45 km. The temblor …


Panic over science education is overdone, says Andrew Norton

trendPanic over science education is overdone, says Andrew Norton
by Ben Potter. Australia, like many Western nations, is in the grip of a STEM panic. Policymakers have been telling us for a decade we don’t produce enough science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) graduates to compete in the global economy.
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Super science students
The Central Okanagan Regional Science Fair was hosted by KLO Middle School, in Kelowna on April 9 with the winners heading to the national science fair next month. There were 67 projects by 83 students from Grades 6-11 on display. The 40 science fair …

Data science sexiness: Your guide to Python and R, and which one is best
At Springboard, we pair mentors with learners in data science. We often get questions about whether to use Python or R – and we’ve come to a conclusion thanks to insight from our community of mentors and learners. Data science is the sexiest job of the …
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West Virginia Votes To Block Science Standards Because They Teach Global Warming

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????West Virginia Votes To Block Science Standards Because They Teach Global Warming
Beginning this summer, public school students in West Virginia were supposed to learn about human-indu

ced climate change three times — in sixth-grade science, in ninth-grade science, and in a high school elective course on environmental science. Now …
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How killing wolves to protect livestock may backfire
The scientists also figured out whether or not the wolf had belonged to a pack, which consist of a pair of adults and their offspring. Wolves that belonged to packs tended to eat more wild boar and roe deer and less goat and other livestock than did …
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Most of us like to think that we’re independent-minded — we tell ourselves we like Adele’s latest album because it suits our taste, not because millions of other people bought it, or that we vote Democrat because we’re so enlightened, not because all …
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Science Suggests Bassists Are Far More Important Than Most People Realize

musicScience Suggests Bassists Are Far More Important Than Most People Realize
Laurel Trainor, the study’s lead author, hooked up participants to an EEG to monitor brain activity while they heard simultaneous streams of two piano notes — one high-pitched, the other low-pitched. Every so often …. While I am working to better …
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Sammy Hagar Slams Eddie Van Halen: ‘You’re a Liar’
Sammy Hagar has come to the defense of Michael Anthony after the bassist was at the receiving end of some scathing, hurtful comments from Eddie Van Halen. In a two-minute video titled “In Defense of Mikey,” Hagar stands up for his former Van Halen (and …

Jazz Listings for Aug. 7-13
Bob James (through Sunday) Mr. James, a stylistically broad keyboardist and composer who helped lay the groundwork for smooth jazz, teamed up with a regular partner, the bassist Nathan East, for “The New Cool,” a duo album coming in the fall. For this …
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