Riverbration boat race that started in the 1950s set to return to Allegheny River

551389700bd3a.imageRiverbration boat race that started in the 1950s set to return to Allegheny River
It’s been around two decades since boats last roared along the Allegheny River competing against one another in a Kittanning racing event. But in August, the three-day Riverbration boat race that first began in the 1950s is set to return. The 2016 …

The great snake boat race of India
These are external links and will open in a new window The annual snake boat race in the southern Indian state of Kerala is a unique sporting spectacle because of its scale and popularity. Faizal Khan watched the event at the weekend to explain why …
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Women’s University Boat Race turns tide with historic first Thames race
(CNN)For more than 150 years, men’s rowing crews from Oxford and Cambridge have battled it out for supremacy in the annual University Boat Race on London’s River Thames. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since the race was first contested over the …
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How You Can Get Started on the Mediterranean Diet

179042051How You Can Get Started on the Mediterranean Diet
As an interventional cardiologist who specializes in prevention, I’m often asked by patients, friends and family which diet will best prevent heart disease. The Mediterranean diet is based on the traditional eating habits found in southern Italy and …
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4 Ways to Decrease Your Risk of Having a Stroke
A large, long-term Spanish study found that the plant-based Mediterranean diet, supplemented by extra virgin olive oil or tree nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds), cut risk of heart disease and stroke 30% compared with eating a low-fat diet. Snack on …
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Local restaurants help citizens stick to healthy resolutions
“We make food flavored with flavor, not fat,” said owner Clayton Farhood. Spices are an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. “Seasoning adds so much flavor to the food without adding to the fat content,” he said. One place chefs hide calories …
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Test your stage IQ: Which musicals started in film?

musicTest your stage IQ: Which musicals started in film?
As Broadway and movie musicals become more interchangeable, it can be difficult to remember the origin of even the most popular productions: Did they start onstage or on-screen? Test your memory here in a quiz that dodges the entire cottage industry of …
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A pair of Big Apple musicals to catch
A visit to New York City last week found a pair of musical gems that may have missed your attention. If you’re unable to get tickets for this year’s well-deserved Tony Award winner, “Fun Home”, might I suggest two more modest offerings? “Fun Home” is a …
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Quiz: Where did these musicals get their start?
The musical version of “Once,” the tale of a Dublin street musician whose encounter with a young woman changes his life, has earned praise from critics and audiences alike: The show won eight Tonys, including best musical, in its initial 2012 Broadway …
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