Gun Violence in PG-13 Movies Has More Than Tripled Since 1985 (Study)

Gun Violence in PG-13 Movies Has More Than Tripled Since 1985 (Study)
Last year, the amount of weapons use in PG-13 titles was greater than that in R-rated films. The amount of gun violence in top-grossing PG-13 movies has more than tripled since 1985 and last year exceeded the gun violence in top-grossing R-rated movies …
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First Look: iTunes Store movies: What you need to know
So much for the iTunes Music Store. Now that Apple’s iTunes-based emporium of digital entertainment contains not only music, music videos, short films, and TV shows, but actual feature-length movies, the company has finally admitted what the rest of us …
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10 Great Movies That Owe a Deep Debt to Philip K. Dick
Science-fiction author Philip K. Dick died in 1982, yet he looms large over popular culture even now, especially in Hollywood. It’s not just the influential movies like Blade Runner, Total Recall, and Minority Report that are directly adapted from Dick …
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Scottish study suggests dogs are partial to reggae music

Scottish study suggests dogs are partial to reggae music
Jan. 27 (UPI) –A Scottish study looking at how music affects dogs’ behavior suggests canines are partial to reggae over classical music. Researchers from the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow said they studied the psychological and behavioral …
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THE POP GROUP –  Funky Punky Freaky Reggae Party in Belgium…
few bands that really have, after reuniting many years after they first formed (1977), something challenging, inspiring and perspicacious to say in caustic words and in compelling sound. Their two comeback albums in two years, CITIZEN ZOMBIE (2015)

Around Newburyport
State of the City of Newburyport: 7:30-9 a.m. Feb. 10, Nicholson Hall, 7 Harris St., Newburyport. Join for Mayor Donna Holaday’s presentation of the annual State of the City of Newburyport at the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry …


Climate change already accelerating sea level rise, study finds

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Climate change already accelerating sea level rise, study finds
The caldera of Mount Pinatubo on June 22, 1991. Credit: Courtesy of USGS. Greenhouse gases are already having an accelerating effect on sea level rise, but the impact has so far been masked by the cataclysmic 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the …

PETA and The Smiths team up for “Meat is Murder” video game
Morrissey and PETA have a relationship that goes way back — where do you think that ridiculous cat-hat image came from? Today, they’ve taken their partnership into the 20th century by releasing a new video game based on The Smiths’ classic “Meat is …
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Clothes that Clean Themselves in the Sun?
A “hot-electron” textile could change the way people do laundry. Researchers at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, incorporated silver and copper nanoparticles into the textile’s composition, allowing it to release heat in the presence of visible …


Study: Less than 3 percent of eels survive Ontario dams

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Study: Less than 3 percent of eels survive Ontario dams
Early missionary writings tell how Native Americans caught thousands of eels in elaborate fish weirs, smoked them and used them for food while traveling. While addressing the 1,021 Meeting of The Brodie Club at the University of Toronto in 2008 …
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Palace renovations
Small plates include boudin meat pies with Creole mustard sauce, fried oyster sliders with Tabasco and Sriracha tartar sauce and smoked tuna blinis with creme fraiche. There is a newly designed charcuterie kitchen at the top of the restaurant’s spiral …


Boatman’s BBQ Will Lure You into the Countryside with a Scent of Smoked Meat
Tolar, Texas, also known as the middle of nowhere, BFE, the boondocks, out in the sticks, etc. — you get the point. All are reasonable terms to describe this one-horse town south of Granbury, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t clued in to the hottest …
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Amazon’s Wildlife Threatened By Hydropower Dams, Study Says

trendAmazon’s Wildlife Threatened By Hydropower Dams, Study Says
Amazon’s Wildlife Threatened By Hydropower Dams, Study Says. “We’re watching extinction unfold in front of us,” scientist says of the impact of Brazil’s Balbina Dam. Picture of the Balbina dam. Brazil’s Balbina Dam led to the creation of 3,546 islands …
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Wildlife Forensics Lab Uses Tech To Sniff, Identify Illegal Wood
There’s a small woodshop at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Forensics Lab. But there’s no sawdust, or power tools. The shop is more like an archive, containing samples of some of the rarest woods on the planet — African mahogany, Brazilian ebony and more.
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Delhi government plans to build wall around Pakistani colony to save wildlife
The Delhi government has decided to build a concrete wall around a 128-acre illegal colony of 40,000 people — mostly Pakistani migrants — in south Delhi to contain its expansion. The colony is illegal because it is inside Asola-Bhatti — Delhi’s only …
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Study finds roads in Southeast Asia may be devastating forests, wildlife

trendStudy finds roads in Southeast Asia may be devastating forests, wildlife
The authors write that there appears to be a geographical bias in publications addressing environmental impacts of road infrastructure on wildlife and biodiversity to date. They note a majority of research is focused outside of the tropics, and that …

New name, bigger vision for Wonders of Wildlife
So long, Wonders of Wildlife. As of Wednesday, the green-roofed building at Sunshine and Campbell has a new name and mission: America’s Wildlife Museum & Aquarium. At a cost of about $ 100 million in private money, the nonprofit museum is nearing …
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Nevada wildlife managers reject ban on coyote-hunting contests
The recent push by wildlife advocates to outlaw hunting contests for wild animals like coyotes, which are considered nuisances allowed to be shot on sight in most of the West, comes as increasing numbers of competitions are held in states such as …
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