Is Tomato the New Tuna? Vegan Sushi Is on the Rise

Is Tomato the New Tuna? Vegan Sushi Is on the Rise
Something’s fishy about James Corwell’s sushi. Actually, it’s not fishy at all. It’s tomato sushi. Chef Corwell has developed a totally tuna-free, tasty sushi option that’s plant-based rather than made with fish. And we’re not talking avocado cucumber …
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International Sushi Day: Top sushi restaurants in D.C. area
Who says you can\’t have sushi on St. Patrick\’s Day? This Bethesda restaurant is combining the best of both worlds with a St. Patrick\’s Heineken Affair that includes two-for-one saki, specialty drinks and happy hour prices all night. Click here for more …
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This Guy Accidentally Bought ,100 Worth Of Sushi, Let His Mistake Make You A Smarter Diner
And it’s literally about sushi. First of all, props to Vice contributor Chris Galletta for owning his idiocy. Second of all, man is this guy an idiot (even years later). Here’s how he opens his story for Vice, which took place when McKellen and Stewart …
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Mexican Sushi Is on a Roll in Metro Phoenix

Mexican Sushi Is on a Roll in Metro Phoenix
On a recent Friday night in west Phoenix, the neon-lit dining room of Sushi Loco was only about half full by the time the reverse happy hour started at 10 p.m. But even with the modest crowd gathered inside the restaurant and bar, if you closed your eyes …
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This master sushi chef makes some of the prettiest sushi you’ll ever see
Chef Davy Devaux’s specialty is sushi — but not your average California roll. Devaux’s YouTube channel, How to Make Sushi, features an array of awe-inspiring sushi roll tutorials, among other general cooking how-tos. They’re the kind of videos you …
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What You Don’t Know About Sushi
Think you know a thing or two about sushi, eh? Yeah, I thought the same thing until today. Today is when Trevor Corson, author of The Zen of Fish: The Story of Sushi, from Samurai to Supermarket made a guest appearance on my local radio station to dispell …


You’re eating sushi wrong

You’re eating sushi wrong
There’s a lot of etiquette behind eating sushi. We chatted with Chef Seki, owner and head chef at NYC’s Sushi Seki, for his best tips and tricks. He said you can eat your sushi with chopsticks or with your hands, but that you should avoid using too much …

Japanese Sushi Certification Program Tests Skills of Foreign Chefs
The Japanese sushi industry is launching a global certification program later this month, a move aimed at educating foreign sushi chefs about proper preparation of raw fish as it grows in popularity abroad. Industry group All-Japan Sushi Federation will …
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Perfect Sushi
When the sushi is placed in front of a customer … Silvia Killingsworth is the former managing editor of The New Yorker.
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This robot can make sushi in a matter of seconds

This robot can make sushi in a matter of seconds
As robots get more advanced, they will likely take over many jobs in the future — including those of sushi chefs. For a sneak peak at this impending automation, look no further than a new creation from robotics manufacturer Kawasaki. The robot can …
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Kazunori Rolls Into Santa Monica with Affordable Fast Casual Sushi
After over a year since announcing its third location, KazuNori has finally opened its doors in Santa Monica as of last Thursday. The hand roll specialist spawned from the Sugarfish empire has been steadily operating in Downtown and Westwood for several …
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Chirashi Sushi 五目ちらし寿司
Chirashi Sushi is served on happy occasions and at parties in Japan. This bright and colorful dish is made of sushi rice with a variety of vegetables mixed in, and toppings sprinkled over the top. The dishes you see in Japanese restaurants outside of …


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The Ten Best Sushi Restaurants in Miami
Raw fish. Vinegared rice. Two simple ingredients that revolutionized the worldwide food industry. Nowadays, it’s a bit more complex than just a means of preserving fish in fermented rice. It’s become a fine art form in which master itamaes (sushi chefs …
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Is Sushi Safe to Eat?
Sushi is safe to eat as long as it has been prepared properly. Credit: Joanna Burger A Chicago man sued a restaurant in 2008 for allegedly serving him a parasitic tapeworm along with his salmon. So what about the sushi or sashimi that hungry buyers pick up …
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The Return of Sushi to Cornell Dining
Cornell Dining has added Wegmans sushi to its array of quick café options, now served at practically every café on campus. In the past, Cornell has served Sushi with Gusto in its various cafés, but that brand has been absent for just over a semester.
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?????????????????????????Carp Sushi + Bento – Poke Bowls
2016 will come down as the year that poke finally arrived in Vancouver. Poke (pronounced po-keh) is a simple but classic dish that we fell in love with when we visited Hawaii… cubed, fresh, raw fish, marinated in special sauces (mainly shoyu, sesame oil …

Poke, not sushi, is what’s cool in Miami. Yelp helps us find it
You heard it here first! Sushi: out. Poke: in. This Hawaiian delicacy has officially caught on in the Magic City, and it’s about time you give this raw seafood salad a try. “Thank you Kuenko for giving us one of the most tasteful and unique bowls Miami …

Only 10 Yen! Sushi Restaurant Without a Name in Yoyogi
Welcome to the 10 yen sushi restaurant located a minute away from Yoyogi Station. This restaurant has literally no name and serves yellowtail and flounder, one sushi for 10 yen! Unlike the price may convey, the taste is good and even considered better than …


New Recipe: Sushi Bake

cusineNew Recipe: Sushi Bake
Wait, I know, it doesn’t sound right. Sushi is supposed to be cold right? Well this turns that idea on its head, and it tastes great! The flavors of sushi are definitely distinctive but this manages to keep them all in and keeps it delicious! All the …

Beautiful, Edible Compositions of Mosaic Sushi
Variations on traditional Japanese sushi like temari-zushi and maki-zushi have inspired chefs and artists alike to create edible works of art that are meant to be devoured by our eyes as much as our mouths. The latest new style borrows from the ancient …

Free sushi offered today at P.F. Chang’s, but there’s one hitch
The Asian-themed P.F. Chang’s restaurant is offering sushi today at everyone’s favorite price point: Free. The one-day promotion (Thursday only) is available at all six North Texas locations. The only hitch: it’s for dine-in customers only (no to-go …
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cusineFacebook video shows you how to make healthy Sushi Cake
1. Dice your salmon into small cubes, then dress with sesame oil and seeds, mix and set aside. 2. Now layer your ‘cake’. Place two sheets of nori at the bottom of a 24cm springform cake tin, trimming the edges to fit the round tin. 4. Now place in half …
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At Koto Sushi Bar with Littler’s Jen Robinson
I ordered Nigiri Sushi B, which includes five pieces of Nigiri sushi (bite-size slabs of raw fish served atop sticky rice), one sushi roll and your choice of miso soup or salad. I started with the salad, which was crisp, cold iceberg lettuce with a few …
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Sushi for beginners in Christchurch
Shimizu held a sushi-making workshop for high school Japanese language pupils last week, as part of a wider push by the consular office of Japan to promote their national culture. The pupils from Burnside High School and Darfield High School were …


Yumi Sushi lives up to its name in Mundelein

cusineYumi Sushi lives up to its name in Mundelein
Tucked into an unexpected location across from Bill’s Pub in Mundelein (and in the spot of the now closed Sushi Joon), Yumi Sushi is sandwiched between a pizza shop and a Mexican restaurant — but Yumi is the real standout in the strip mall. It’s small …
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Maitland sushi spot RanGetsu to close Saturday, March 5
RanGetsu, the Japanese restaurant and sushi lounge that relocated to Maitland from the I-Drive area in 2011, is closing its doors in just a little over a week. In our review of the rebranded restaurant, we said, “Stepping into the new RanGetsu is like …
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Enjoy seasonal seafood at sushi bar near Zama
“We always get our seafood from local fish markets in Japan, so our sushi is safe and fresh,” said the restaurant’s manager, Yoshihisa Kawashima. “So, I would like to encourage even more U.S. service members to visit us to enjoy tasty Japanese sushi …
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Sushi Could Be the Reason You Got Ghosted

cusineSushi Could Be the Reason You Got Ghosted
So your date/Tinder Tuesday/totally chill hangout last night went well. They laughed at your story about the office biscuit tin and looked genuinely interested in those photos of your sister’s cat. A week later though, and nothing. No followup message …
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Want to get to date No. 2? Go for sushi on date No. 1
If you want a second date, make sure the first date involves sushi. The magical combination of raw fish, wasabi and seaweed increases your odds of getting a second date by 170 percent, according to the annual Singles in America survey of 5,500 …
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Nature’s Storehouse in Canton to host vegetarian sushi workshop
Pictured are Lisa Lazenby, store manager, Danilo Oey-Langen, who is rolling sushi and Tom Langen, Oey-Langen’s father. CANTON — Nature’s Storehouse, 21 Main St., will host a vegetarian sushi workshop on Wednesday, Feb. 10. The cost is $ 5 per person …
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