Film, Television Production Thriving in Iowa

Film, Television Production Thriving in Iowa
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) –Seven years ago, the Iowa Film Office, part of Iowa’s Department of Economic Development, became embroiled in a multi-million dollar tax fraud case. Several filmmakers and Iowa officials in charge of the film office were …
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Television Tunes : Theme Songs for your Favorite TV Shows
Television Tunes is a massive source for theme songs to your favorite TV shows and movies. Friends, 24, CSI, One Tree Hill …. it’s all here. All of the theme songs are in MP3 format and can be freely downloaded to your computer (no registration is …
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Blade Runner 2049 is possibly the best movie of 2017 so far (imo)
First of all,like the first one BR 2049 also moves at a slow pace and takes time to build the plot but at the same time, it also provides some very intriguing scenarios and questions that you will be thinking about long after you have left the cinema hall.


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Must-see space TV: Astronauts star in new network television series
— NASA astronaut Mike Massimino is back on “The Big Bang Theory” in a new episode of the hit CBS comedy, but he soon won’t be the only spaceman on network television. Massimino, a veteran of two actual space shuttle flights to upgrade the Hubble Space …
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The deterioration of television journalism
Lisa Myers, the veteran NBC News Senior Investigative Correspondent who left the network last year to “work on [her] golf game,” tells The Des Moines Register that the quality of television journalism is deteriorating: I think the primary mission of …
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“They’re here”: Television invades the home
Before widespread Internet access, television was a primary source of entertainment and information, giving the TV set a strange psychological significance in the home. It was a familiar object that brought in foreign ideas. Commanding attention from its …
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‘Shtisel’ Fills a Void in Israeli Television
The creators of the new hit Israeli Hebrew-language TV drama series “Shtisel,” which debuted earlier this summer on the YES cable channel, are pleased by the series’s popularity; however, they say they are not surprised by it. The unique appeal of …
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Does China Have the Best Digital Television Standard on the Planet?
The United States established its national standard for terrestrial broadcasts of high-definition digital television, known as ATSC (for Advanced Television Systems Committee), in 1996. The European Union settled on its standard, Digital Video Broadcast …
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Alice, I Don’t Want This Television
Last year my lovely aunt bought me a very large, expensive TV — partly as a birthday present and partly because she’d noticed mine had seen better days and she wanted to treat me. It was extremely kind of her and I was very grateful, however the truth is …


Attendees Confirmed For Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards

Attendees Confirmed For Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards
BAFTA Guru is BAFTA’s content hub for career starters packed full of inspirational videos, podcasts and interviews. Whether you’ve taken your first steps in the industry or are just starting out, you’ll find plenty here to motivate and help you along …

‘Shtisel’ Fills a Void in Israeli Television
The creators of the new hit Israeli Hebrew-language TV drama series “Shtisel,” which debuted earlier this summer on the YES cable channel, are pleased by the series’s popularity; however, they say they are not surprised by it. The unique appeal of …
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NCAA Hockey: Current NCHC Television Deal is Unacceptable
The National Collegiate Hockey Conference will launch its new website on August first, and a full CBS Sports Network broadcast schedule was announced today as well. Yippy Skippy! Good times have come our way. Then, I read this newspaper article in the …
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The Lost Boys Television Show: ‘iZombie’ Creator Rob Thomas Pushing For More ‘Peter Pan’

The Lost Boys Television Show: ‘iZombie’ Creator Rob Thomas Pushing For More ‘Peter Pan’
Veronica Mars and iZombie creator Rob Thomas has an ambitious plan for The Lost Boys series: each season will span a decade. Thomas envisions seven seasons for the anthology series, based on director Joel Schumacher‘s 80s classic. Every season of …
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Forget the Ratings, Television Is a Growth Business with Record Profits
On Dec. 14, 2011 the top broadcasters in the U.S. renewed their long-standing TV rights agreement with the National Football League. The deal, which kicked in for the 2014 season, promised billions of dollars in future revenue to the NFL, in exchange for …
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This is Your Child’s Brain on TV
Limiting exposure to television may be one of the best ways to help kids succeed in school. Despite the number of educational programming geared towards toddlers, it’s unknown if kids under age 2 can actually learn from TV. The negative effects of …


Parents Television Council wants to sink ‘Adult Swim’

vkaplan9tvf-2-webParents Television Council wants to sink ‘Adult Swim’
It’s a free country, so if you don’t like what you’re watching, change the damn channel. That’s a message for the Parents Television Council, the watchdog group that has unleashed its latest barrage of hysterical attacks. Usually these are reserved …
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Samsung The Frame Television
The world of televisions is one of the most competitive consumer markets and the leading technological brands are always endeavouring to outdo one another with new, advanced ideas. Well, Samsung, have gone the other way with it and stripped things back to …

The X-Files May Return to Television
FOX is in early talks to bring back The X-Files. Dana Walden and Gary Newman, co-chairmen and CEOs of FOX Television Group revealed at today’s TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour. IGN was able to follow-up with Walden with a small group of …
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What’s Really Next for Apple in Television

What’s Really Next for Apple in Television
I’ve finally cracked it! Steven P. Jobs, co-founder of Apple, told his biographer, Walter Isaacson. Although Mr. Jobs was referring to Apple’s plans to build a full-fledged television, he was not actually referring to the TV set, which is how the …
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What Is the Future of Television?
Once upon a time, the entertainment industry had discreet business segments that rarely overlapped. If you wanted to see a movie (and this week’s newsreel), you went to the corner cinema. If you wanted to watch television (on one of just three national …
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Has Social Media Changed Television?
Originally, analysts predicted that the rise in Internet usage would decrease the amount of time people spent watching TV. However, Eggo Muller says that this didn’t turn out to be the case. The Internet and social media have actually enhanced TV …


World Television Day 2016 – Celebrating the Impact and Reach of Television

trendWorld Television Day 2016 – Celebrating the Impact and Reach of Television
Television brings people together. It is a powerful medium in the lives of millions of people. Whether it’s through news, movies, or even adverts, there is no denying the contribution of television to modern society. Freedom of expression and creativity …

Garbage on television
How are cable companies maintaining stability in this present day? I am curious because a few of my friends from college and even the ones back in Summerville barely watch television. They watch television on their phones with apps like Netflix and Hulu.

Life Without Television
I haven’t owned a television in over 7 years. I haven’t lived in a house with a set in over 5 years. I spend my days largely television-free, and I actually like it. This isn’t to say that I don’t watch some television shows over the internet. I have to …


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trendBlac Chyna to wed Rob Kardashian in ‘extravagant television special’ following reality series success
NEW parents Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are planning to televise their wedding in a one-off special – provided they get the right price. The reality star pair, who welcomed their daughter Dream Renee last month, are hoping that following the success …

Hugo Gernsback’s 1963 Television Eyeglasses Anticipated Virtual Reality
This oft-seen wonderfully weird photo depicts Hugo Gernsback wearing his “teleyeglasses” in 1963. Gersnback, an inventor of such innovations as a combination electric hair brush/comb and a battery-powered handheld illuminated mirror, is best known to …

This Toothless Aussie Dude Just Gave The Television Interview Of The Year After Chasing A Guy In His Underwear
Daniel McConnell has become an Australian hero overnight after he was woken up by his wife around 2 am. A car had crashed into the awning of a fish and chip shop down the road from his Hendra home and Daniel was there to save the day! Daniel McConnell …


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trendInternet Gains on Television as Public’s Main News Source
The internet is slowly closing in on television as Americans’ main source of national and international news. Currently, 41% say they get most of their news about national and international news from the internet, which is little changed over the past …
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How ‘Roots,’ Alex Haley’s epic television miniseries of the slave trade, is different this time
What: New four-part adaptation of the landmark Alex Haley book about American slavery, recounting the journey of Kunta Kinte and his descendants. When: 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Where: Simulcast on History, Lifetime and A&E channels. A few years ago …
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Everything old is new again in television
Then three different broadcast networks, in the same week, feature musical parodies of Broadway’s “Hamilton” while presenting their new fall television lineups to advertisers, what does that say about the current state of affairs? Besides reinforcing …
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