Need recommendation for Thai food

Need recommendation for Thai food
Is there any Thai dish that tastes kind of like Indian food? My wife loves Thai food, but isn’t crazy about Indian. I love Indian food, especially Indian curries. But I have HATED every Thai dish that I’ve ever tried, ESPECIALLY the ones that contain …

10 Tips For Eating Thai Food For Weight Loss
Going for Thai food can be a great way to ensure you have healthy options. However, you know what they say about assuming. It can make what it sort of sounds like when you spell it; an ass out of you and me. There are a lot of recipes that are really …

SAP Thai Food: Slurp Up This Best Kept Thai Basil MAMA Noodle Secret At Amoy Street Food Centre
It’s 12pm and you’re standing in the middle of Amoy Street Food Centre, getting ready to pounce for the next empty table. After what seems like forever, you finally secure a table but now you have to pick ONE food stall amongst the hundreds to get your …


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Favourite Thai Food: Beer Thai Restaurant at #01-96 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588
I love Thai food. For those who know me, would know that Thai food ranks pretty much up there along with Japanese food. That’s why when I came back from South America, one of the first meals I had was Thai food. I find the quality of it in Singapore to be …

Restaurant Style Red Thai Curry
I have been meaning to share Restaurant Style Red Thai Curry for dang too long. Thai food is one of my favorites, so you have no idea how excited I am to discover legit Restaurant Style Red Thai Curry that is totally weeknight-friendly. Not to mention …

Thai Street Food
Thai food’s popularity is down to its amazing flavours and frankly there is no better place to get a taste of Thai cuisine than on a trip to the land of smiles. From the smallest street cart to the highest priced most expensive restaurant, Thai food is …


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Restaurant Style Red Thai Curry
I have been meaning to share Restaurant Style Red Thai Curry for dang too long. Thai food is one of my favorites, so you have no idea how excited I am to discover legit Restaurant Style Red Thai Curry that is totally weeknight-friendly. Not to mention …

Where Is the Best Thai Food in Austin?
Editor’s Note, February 26, 2014: Titaya’s is back! It took forever and I seriously lost hope that it would ever open up again. But it has and – in renovated form – it is absolutely beautiful! I tried it out to make sure the quality of the food …

The Ultimate One Day Thai Food Tour of Bangkok (Do-It-Yourself Guide)
You have one day in Bangkok, and you’re ready to go on the ultimate authentic Bangkok food tour for Thai food. In this blog post I’m going to share with you all the details about how you can take a Thai food tour in Bangkok to eat all 4 of the major …


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Instant Pot Thai Green Curry Chicken
More importantly though, it was her story & strong passion for Thai food that deeply touched us. Living in the poorest region of Thailand, Isaan, she never had the chance to go to school. When she was 12, she left her hometown to help run a food cart on …

Bun Intended food truck offers serious Thai cuisine
NO JOKE: Erica Glaubitz hands out orders from the window of her new food truck, Bun Intended. Photo by Cindy Kunst A new red food truck rolled onto the food scene in Asheville last month. Although the truck’s punny name is Bun Intended, the fresh-made …
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Jin Thai, Herb in Edgewater offer unique, authentic Thai food
You can find pad thai and chicken curry in just about every Thai restaurant in the region. But there are a pair of Thai restaurants in Edgewater – just a block apart – serving some truly unique dishes. Beef stock, sliced beef shoulder, a smattering of bean …


The Best Thai Food You Can Eat

The Best Thai Food You Can Eat
I know Monday’s post was a bit of a Debbie Downer, but don’t worry, I’m not done writing about travel  just being a permanent nomad. So in a complete 180 from Monday’s post, let’s talk about travel and my love of good Thai food. When I …

Learning to dance in the rain
Certain words, jewelry, music, baby clothes, books we bought together, mangos, headphones, Thai food, power tools, violin music. On, and on. Everyday things that have memories and stories attached that only I know about, not to mention all of our children …

Cheap Eats, Cheap Labor: The Hidden Human Costs Of Those Lists
A treasure map to $ 1 tacos! $ 4 banh mi! $ 6 pad Thai! More often than not, the Xs that mark the cheap spots are in the city’s immigrant enclaves. Indeed, food media is never so diverse as when it runs these lists, its pages fill with names of restaurateurs …
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cusineThai Nicoise Salad
“I know I should love all my recipes equally, but this is my salad queen,” writes Daphne Oz in The Happy Cook. “Overflowing with a variety of colorful veggies–crisp romaine lettuce, crunchy bean sprouts and cabbage, juicy cucumbers and tomatoes …

Why Pattaya should be your next holiday destination in Thailand
Located just 147 km or a short two-hour drive from Bangkok, Pattaya boasts picture-perfect ornate templates and elaborate palaces, a rich Thai culture and delicious, exotic food, providing tourists with a unique experience much unlike those offered by the …

From Tacos To Pad Thai: 12 Standout Shrimp Recipes
High in protein, low in calories, and quick to make, shrimp is always a great choice for dinner. You’ll love these crustacean creations; they’re all loaded with flavor!
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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Scorching heat wave in Thailand is longest in 65 years
Thailand’s Department of Disease Control has warned people to beware of food poisoning and other food-related illnesses that typically increase during hot weather when bacteria can thrive on unrefrigerated food. “Stay indoors, try to limit activity …
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11 Thai Dishes You Must Try!
When in Thailand you just can’t get around the delicious local dishes, western food is an option they do serve it, but if you like food that mostly tastes like rotten avocado’s be my guest and try it. I do know how you feel, it can be very overwhelming …
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Thai New Year 2016: Best restaurants for vegan Thai food you need to try
The main was an array of dishes just for my dining companion and me. We had vegetable Kieaw Wan green curry with aubergine, tofu and bamboo shoot in a Thai green curry with chillies and basil. There was also lovely pan-seared tofu ‘steaks’ with Panang …
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Two New York Chefs Bring Together Filipino and Thai Food


Two New York Chefs Bring Together Filipino and Thai Food
If you look up “Filipino and Thai food” on the internet, search results compare the two cuisines. And apparently, “Filipino food is frequently contrasted with Thai food” and has been called Thai food’s “ugly sister”. This is news to Chef King …
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Thai dishes shine brightest at Spices Asian Restaurant in North Kansas City
It is always nice when an unexpected gem turns up in an unlikely place. At Spices Asian Restaurant in North Kansas City, one of those jewels is a plate of fried chicken wings served in a sublime glistening, garlicky sauce flecked with whole Thai basil …
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Restaurant Review: Thai food treat at Chang Tai
Thai food must be one of the world’s most popular culinary styles, as testified by the huge number of Thai food outlets around the world. Even in Harare, we have a choice in this regard, with no fewer than two dedicated restaurants and a specialised …
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cusineUnique Thai cuisine that is worth every penny
I’ve dined in a few Thai and Vietnamese restaurants before that, and they only give you two or four wontons per order, but this one came with six. I immediately knew that I was going to get a good portion of food to fill my belly. The ambience of the …
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You Have to Fight for Your Dinner at Toronto’s Version of Thai New Year
It was a really good pad Thai, so I just shrugged and kept walking as four trigger-happy diners aimed their super soakers at my nether regions. I regret nothing. The food tables are right within firing range inside Toronto’s northern Thai restaurant …
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Penn’s Thai House isn’t much to look at, but its food is a lot to taste
And the interior, while mostly neat as a pin (except for a fish tank that needs to be cleaned) and decorated with pieces of Thai-inspired art, doesn’t exactly have the charm of some of the more prominent Thai restaurants in the valley. But all that …
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5 reasons to take on Thai food at Monsoon Siam

cusine5 reasons to take on Thai food at Monsoon Siam
The vibe: As far as Thai restaurants go, Monsoon Siam captures a modern feel with a flare of the homeland. Wonglaka shows off small collections of art along with a simple map of her native Thailand near the front door. Wonglaka personifies a new …
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Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine, once a Cleveland Heights dining landmark, closes
For much of its nearly 20 year run, Lemon Grass stood as a reliable destination for Thai cuisine. The restaurant opened in 1996 under the guidance of Hiroshi Tsuji, owner of Shuhei Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar in Beachwood, teamed with chef Paul …
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Chabaar Beyond Thai, Thai Curry Kitchen
Of all the world cuisines I’ve had the pleasure of exploring, the food of Thailand may be the most complex. That’s not too surprising, given the multitude of nations that surround Thailand and the vast array of Asian flavors that influence Thai cooking.
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