5 Louisville pianists share their favorite Derby memories

5 Louisville pianists share their favorite Derby memories
5 Louisville pianists share their favorite Derby memories Louisville pianists (and musical legends) share the best memories of their careers and of the Kentucky Derby Check out this story on courier-journal.com: http://cjky.it/2ppaUDU
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Syracuse Cinefest pianists bring music to silent films
During the last 30 years, Cinefest, the annual convention/film festival presented by the Syracuse Cinephile Society, has screened several hundred silent films that have been accompanied by some of the best and well-known silent film pianists in the world.
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PianoMaestro guides pianists through the music
Like many people, I once bought myself a digital piano and had every intention of teaching myself to play. However, when faced with a very steep learning curve and the prospect of spending weeks or months learning to play a simple prelude, such thoughts …
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Five World-Class Artists Talk About Why Photography Is Their Passion

trendFive World-Class Artists Talk About Why Photography Is Their Passion
As a part of the promotion for Photo London 2016, the exhibition team has put together a video with five fine art photographers who are interviewed about their love of photography. This short shows off some of their captivating work and really brings …
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Urbex Photography Taken to the Next Level: On Top of Christ the Redeemer
When looking at urbex photographer’s work, one can only wonder how they get in some places. Often these photographers will go to crazy locations just to get a single picture. Sometimes risking their life – or so it seems like – to get that adrenaline …
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Feature | Faces Of Photography: Walking The Line Between Art & Artifact
With the advent of digital photography, the act of constructing and recording life has become a language all its own as it can be created without cost in the hands of anyone who has a phone. Its very ubiquity demands a new level of discourse as our …
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The Future of Fashion Is in Their Hands

trendThe Future of Fashion Is in Their Hands
“It’s their first taste of what putting together a fashion show is about,” Joanne Arbuckle, FIT’s dean of the School of Art and Design, told The Daily Beast. “They are learning how to stay true to themselves while being open to the guidance of someone …
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Kendall Jenner & Kylie Feuding: Destroying Plans For Fashion Empire?
Now now, girls, let’s play nice! HollywoodLife.com exclusively learned that the famous Jenner sisters are letting their personal tastes interfere with their big plans of building a fashion empire together. Send in Dr. Phil ASAP! Meow, the claws are out!
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Armani fetes 40 years in fashion with VIP gala, new museum
The 80-year old designer, known for his clean cut and elegant collections, was joined by celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Cate Blanchett, Hilary Swank and Tina Turner for the bash in Milan, headquarters to his fashion empire. Nicknamed King …
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