Are f(x) the Most Underappreciated Heroes of K-Pop?

musicAre f(x) the Most Underappreciated Heroes of K-Pop?
Concept-wise, groups like Brown Eyed Girls are similarly avant-garde, but it’s rare to find a group that experiments in the way f(x) does; their songs are usually assemblages of sounds and ideas with melodies on top. Their albums, particularly outside …
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Rema and Chris Evans could have done better with Linda
Both are proved vocalists with huge individual fan bases. Both have held a number of successful concerts. On top of that, Rema is a darling to many especially with her single, Lean On Me, where she amazes with her vocals. I don’t recall attending a …
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Demi Lovato’s ‘Confidence’ Shines: A Track by Track Analysis
From her days as a Barney & Friends child actress to becoming a Disney pop superstar, Demi Lovato always had one consistent role: an incredibly talented vocalist. In fact, I would place Lovato in the … The motivational track’s use of trumpets follows …
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