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9 new video games you should play now
This article originally appeared on One of the hardest things to do in the video game world is staying on top of the latest games. While you have all sorts of intentions to play them, real world demands or high-quality downloads can be …
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Stop condemning video games
The industry is now directly responsible for 220,000 jobs in the United States. Total sales exceed $ 24.5 billion. So why are video games seen as a hobby rather than a rapidly growing industry rivaling other entertainment industries? The numbers are …
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Video Game Voice Actors Goes On Strike Against Video Game Publishers In Hollywood! Here’s Why
Hollywood witnessed an official video games voice actors strike by the largest actors union on October 21 countering the many big video game firms. This action came in retaliation to the two parties failing to agree on how to compensate the voice-over …
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25 Video Game Movies in Development

25 Video Game Movies in Development
There are currently tons of video game movies stuck in development hell, having been the product of a red-hot development deal that never got past the scripting stage (or even the “we’re making a movie!” stage). We’ve decided to forgo including …
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Cheating in Online Video Games
Rules are meant to be broken; video games are no exception. Cheating has a long and storied history in video games, from the infamous Konami code to playing as Bill Clinton in NBA Jam. But that was back when gaming meant sitting huddled around a TV in the …
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Leviticus, the Video Game
As the game begins, cartoon animals go flying in the air, and players must slash their throats by swiping a finger across the screen. Like many similar video games designed for the iPhone and the iPad—most notably the ubiquitous Fruit Ninja—this new …
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A history of video game console failures
The history of console gaming is littered with high-profile flops, middling also-rans and vaporware never-weres. In fact, the stories of console failures are perhaps even more compelling than the tales of those companies that crossed the finish line.
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‘Video Game High School’ Creators Developing ‘Field of Fire’ Modern Warfare Game
Rocket Jump Studios, the guys who brought you “Video Game High School,” are currently developing an action-packed video game due to popular demand from VGHS fans. Enter “Field of Fire,” a modern battlefield warfare game where you take part in …

Psychologists Prove That Video Games Are Good For You
The flagship journal of the American Pyschology Association, American Pyschologist, has recently published an article that summarizes a decade of video games research titled The Benefits of Playing Video Games. The article is a meta-analysis of multiple …
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Video Game Hall of Fame adds ‘Halo: Combat Evolved,’ 3 more
This undated photo provided by The Strong shows the four inductees for the 2017 class of the World Video Game Hall of Fame. From left to right are: ”Halo: Combat Evolved,” “Donkey Kong,” “Pokemon Red and Green,” and ”Street Fighter II.” (Bethany Mosher …
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Sandy Hook Shooting: Video Games Blamed, Again
Yesterday, Senator Jay Rockefeller introduced a bill calling on the National Academy of Sciences to “study” video game violence on children. Speaking of the recent Brown v. EMA Supreme Court decision, which criticized the existing research as …
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Tying Columbine to Video Games
Last month, The American Medical Association flirted with adding video game addiction to its list of mental illnesses before deciding on “more study” and a firm call for parents to watch their children more closely. One question raised by classifying …
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Birthday Special: Here’s why Ankit Tiwari is one of the most popular singers of our times – watch video!

Birthday Special: Here’s why Ankit Tiwari is one of the most popular singers of our times – watch video!
The renowned musician turns 30 today! Ankit Tiwari is one of the most renowned musicians of our times. He has given us some memorable hits like Galliyan, Tu Hai Ki Nahi among others. His vocals stand out from his contemporaries, thanks to his honest and …
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For the past few years, the mezzo-soprano Marilyn Horne has been offering her audiences an unusual encore: “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” the 1970 Simon & Garfunkel hit. The effect is both unsettling and transfixing. The voice is familiar; so is the song.
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Mexican Pop Star, 2 Backup Singers Are Acquitted of Rape
CHIHUAHUA, Mexico — Mexican pop star Gloria Trevi was acquitted Tuesday of rape, kidnapping and corruption of minors and ordered released from prison. Judge Javier Pineda ruled that there was insufficient evidence to convict the 36-year-old performer and …
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10 Video Games That Are Going to Make You Feel Old in 2016
Video game players will have plenty of reasons to celebrate in 2016: not just because of what’s coming, but also for the games they already know and love. The coming year will be riddled with notable anniversaries of great and influential games.
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How Are Video Games Evolving To Include New Technologies
Technology is constantly evolving and video games have to keep up with the new tech to stay exciting and keep gamers interested. Video games are bigger than ever now there are consoles and games for all ages and interests, meaning new technologies are …
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5 Prejudices That Video Games Can’t Seem to Get Over
If we’ve ever made you laugh or think, we now have a way where you can thank and support us! In Warcraft II, the “Trolls” are a species of idiotic subhuman warriors, so, naturally, they speak with an obvious Caribbean accent and make blatant references to …


Video Footage Of DELAIN Bassist’s Testicle-Rupturing Stage Mishap

Video Footage Of DELAIN Bassist’s Testicle-Rupturing Stage Mishap
Bassist Otto Schimmelpenninck of Dutch symphonic metallers DELAIN is recovering after undergoing surgery for a ruptured testicle, suffered during the band’s November 26 performance in Birmingham, England. Schimmelpenninck writes on Facebook: “After what …
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List of 10 richest bassists in music revealed
The wealthiest bassists in music in 2014 have been revealed, featuring the less surprising likes of Paul McCartney, Roger Waters and Sting – but there are a few surprises in there. After the 12 highest paid DJs were revealed by Forbes earlier this week …
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8 Great iOS Apps For Guitarists & Bassists
iOS is the musician’s mobile platform of choice, thanks to the low-latency rock-solid foundations laid by Apple and an incredible number of apps and accessories. If you’re looking for iPhone and iPad apps to enhance the time you spend with your four …
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Aaralyn + Izzy of Murp Critique Female Extreme Metal Vocalists [Exclusive Video]

Aaralyn + Izzy of Murp Critique Female Extreme Metal Vocalists [Exclusive Video]
Women have become an increasingly influential breath of fresh air within the metal community. As female musicians gain greater prevalence, they influence the next generation of metalheads, two of which are vocalist Aaralyn and drummer Izzy from the …
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So um, apparently Madonna called Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone mediocre in a letter.
Yes, Madonna is the best selling female recording artist (And touring too … Whitney got respect from what she does because she is a singer singer but madonna felt that as she had to work 1000x harder than Whitney to get the same respect that Whitney …

Powerhouse female vocalists of K-Pop
You know dem powerhouse vocalists, the divas of the K-Pop sphere, who can belt out any song and any note, no matter how high or low, with ease to deliver a punch with every performance! Usually characterized by slightly husky vocals and rich depth …
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Video game nation: Why so many play

Video game nation: Why so many play
Gliding through the sky, long neck undulating, great, ridged wings beating, the dragon looks … beautiful. Until it lands. Thumbs working the controller, Matt Fries, a freshman at American University in Washington, D.C., throws fireballs at it with both …
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2016 Video Game Statistics & Trends Who’s Playing What & Why
155 million Americans play games regularly (This means 3 or more hours per weeks). 4 out of 5 households own a video game console. The average age of gamers is 35. The average number of years gamers have been playing games is 13. That’s the same amount …

Video Games Can Help Boost Social, Memory & Cognitive Skills
A new review on the positive effects of playing video games finds that the interaction may boost children’s learning, health and social skills. The American Psychological Association (APA) study comes out as debate continues among psychologists and other …
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How Much Video Gaming Is Too Much for Kids?

How Much Video Gaming Is Too Much for Kids?
TUESDAY, Sept. 27, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Playing video games might improve a child’s motor skills, reaction time and even academic performance, but new research shows that too much gaming can be linked to social and behavioral problems. Spanish …
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Detox For Video Game Addiction?
At an addiction treatment center in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, teenagers and young adults begin detox by admitting they are powerless over their addiction. But these addicts aren’t hooked on drugs or alcohol. They are going cold turkey to break their …
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GAMR: A Video Game ETF For All-Pro Investors
You don’t need to ever hold a controller, flip on a console or have your Kinect creepily follow you across the room to appreciate video gaming. All you have to do is love money. Video gaming is a rapid-growth tech industry that’s seeing its fortunes simply …
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