Stargazing: Who’s In Control?

Stargazing: Who’s In Control?
If you only study your immediate surroundings, it may seem that you’re in control of your life. You pay your bills and care for your family. You maintain the lawn and protect your home. If something needs to be done, you do it. If something is broken …

Best Secluded Star Gazing Spots
A few weeks ago (July 4th weekend), the family did the night time viewing program at the Kitt Peak Observatory (1 hour west of downtown Tucson). It started at sunset and ended just before 11 p.m. and on that clear night, we saw Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Milky …

Dark Skies & The APO
Since there is little interference from light pollution, the park offers up some of the best stargazing in the northeast. On a clear night, words cannot do justice for the breathtaking views you see overhead. In Tupper Lake, we are proud to say that we …


The Economics of Music Festivals: Who’s Getting Rich, Who’s Going Broke?

musicThe Economics of Music Festivals: Who’s Getting Rich, Who’s Going Broke?
Nothing better exemplifies this than Coachella, the crown jewel among destination music festivals, a sort of spring break for music lovers. Three days of music, over 150 bands, repeated over two weekends (the second week starts on Friday) featuring a …
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The ten best summer music festivals in Colorado
A Colorado summer can be short, but there are plenty of ways to make it sweet, especially if you pack it with as many festivals, road trips and patios as possible. We’ve picked out ten music festivals sure to give you the flavor of the state’s musical …
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Are corporate music festivals killing local venues?
I saw another side of the live music business as the former director of operations at a mid-sized concert venue. We weren’t large enough to host performance acts in their prime, for the most part; the superstars of their time played amphitheaters and high …