If you’re still not over your ex, this Swedish DIY pop song might make you feel very seen

If you’re still not over your ex, this Swedish DIY pop song might make you feel very seen
In the opening shot of her new video, ShitKid puts a true-to-life twist on a pop … a diva-ish performance. Then, she sniffs, looks to the side, and wipes her nose. The Malmö artist’s new song “Yooouuu” is as catchy as anything in your New Music …
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Marina Diamandis: Pop diva on a mission
If people could talk their way to stardom, Marina Diamandis would … of the whole pop process. She has the prettiness and poise of Cheryl Cole but she’s more loud girl than Girls Aloud – a sharp-tongued mini-diva. She turns up for the interview …
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FROM G0-GO TO GO-TO. Celebrating pop divas of the ’60s who gave a ‘Shout !” – out to women’s rights
Bursting onto the ’60s music scene in their false eyelashes, daring miniskirts and knee-high boots, Lulu, Dusty Springfield and Petula Clark represented a fascinating new breed of independent young women. They sang with confident voices and a boundless …
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Soothing soups for when you’re under the weather

Soothing soups for when you’re under the weather
Almost everyone knows that a hot bowl of chicken soup is the go-to food when you’re ailing. But if you want to try other nourishing soups to soothe you when you’re under the weather, there are many options to try. “We do lots of different soups, but …
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Esther Queen of Soups
Esther’s Soup Kitchen is hidden in the mid-70s doldrums of the Cumberland Terrace Mall. This gem, features at least seven soups a day, two of them vegan, all cooked without dairy. The mulligatawny has a clean, sweet and sour taste up front that gives way …
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Chilled summer soups
Diana De Cicco is a food editor and writer based in New York City. She has a master’s degree from New York University in Food Studies. Her passions are eating, traveling, and eating while traveling.
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You’re eating sushi wrong

You’re eating sushi wrong
There’s a lot of etiquette behind eating sushi. We chatted with Chef Seki, owner and head chef at NYC’s Sushi Seki, for his best tips and tricks. He said you can eat your sushi with chopsticks or with your hands, but that you should avoid using too much …
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Japanese Sushi Certification Program Tests Skills of Foreign Chefs
The Japanese sushi industry is launching a global certification program later this month, a move aimed at educating foreign sushi chefs about proper preparation of raw fish as it grows in popularity abroad. Industry group All-Japan Sushi Federation will …
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Perfect Sushi
When the sushi is placed in front of a customer … Silvia Killingsworth is the former managing editor of The New Yorker.
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