This Marijuana Food Truck Can Get You High

This Marijuana Food Truck Can Get You High
The “munchies” are going artisanal. After debuting in Denver on 4/20, a marijuana food truck is expected to open at a farmer’s market in Washington state this weekend. But will its meals get customers high? “Yes,” says Garyn Angel, who runs the …
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There Are Food Trucks for Dogs Now
Five years ago, Lara Enzor opened this treats-on-the-go truck for pets. Her signature delight: ice cream flavors like Howlin’ BBQ (with brisket bits) and Happy Hippy (with peanut butter, banana and hemp powder). When it’s not zipping around the capital …
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Mobile POS system outfits food trucks
Anyone who has ever struggled with finding the right amount of cash to pay the pizza delivery person will totally appreciate a new mobile solution from POS vendor Revel System that is intended to ease mobile payments. The $ 1,999 solution integrates …
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