What Can You Do With An Economics Degree?

What Can You Do With an Economics Degree?
Careers in economics are as diverse as they come, with job roles covering everything from food and agriculture to business and banking. Depending on your area of interest, an economics degree will help you develop specialized analytical skills, enabling …
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New Economics
I am tired of the classic left/right perspective on society, policy, and politics. I realize that markets are an incredible tool to allocate resources efficiently. And I also realize that markets are subject to failure and we need to protect our society …
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The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence
[This post was co-written with Ajay Agrawal and Avi Goldfarb and appeared in HBR.org on 17 November 2016] The year 1995 was heralded as the beginning of the New Economy. Digital communication was set to upend markets and change everything.
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