Why I transitioned to a vegan diet and how I did it

Why I transitioned to a vegan diet and how I did it
Let me start off by saying that I am not an expert, nutrionist or doctor. I do not have a degree in anything human anatomy related – in fact, I pursued nursing for a hot two months my sophomore year of college, but quit after I failed my first two …
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Eating Vegan Food On a Low Fiber Diet
There are slight differences in what different doctors suggest not eating on a low residue/fiber diet, but the rules are generally the same, and may be off-putting to a vegan, especially at first glance. The list of foods to avoid that I received from the …
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The Vegan Diet and Weight Loss
The vegan diet involves eliminating all animal-based foods, including items like milk, eggs, and even honey. Learn about diet choices and the portion control needed for weight loss. We respect your privacy. Following a vegan diet means avoiding foods that …
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